10 Best Ways to Treat Warts at Home Naturally

Guest post by D. Clark. MD

Warts, caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) have over 100 types. Some types of warts are found singly, other times in clusters. Generally, the wart appears as a pale skin growth with a rough surface. Some strains are relatively harmless, while others can pose much more serious problems. If mainstream methods have not worked for you, try some of these straightforward home remedies for wart removal instead.

10 Natural Ways to Treat Warts at Home


#1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective home remedies for wart removal. It contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that are very effective to get rid of bacteria and virus that mainly causes warts.. Wash your affected area before and after use. First dip one cotton ball with ACV and put it on the wart. Then cover it with duct tape for minimum one day. By using this remedy for few weeks your wart should be removed.

#2. Lemon

10 Best Ways to Treat Warts at Home Naturally Lemon is a fabulous citrus fruit that is a good source pH. Lemon juice can remove warts by detoxifying tissue of wart. You can also mix crushed Vitamin C tablet in lemon juice and apply it.

#3. Baking soda

Baking soda is another good option to remove warts. Mix one tsp of white vinegar with baking soda and use this dissolve on the wart twice a day.

#4. Milkweed

10 Best Ways to Treat Warts at Home Naturally

Milkweed grows wild across the world and can be toxic due to a “poison” called cardiac glycoside. A small amount of the sap on the wart has been used as a natural remedy for centuries, and was a favorite by Native Americans. A proteolytic enzyme found in the plant is thought to “digest and dissolve” the wart.

#5. Banana mash and basil mash

Similar to milkweed, bananas contain a proteolytic enzyme that dissolves the wart. Apart from this, try using basil mash too.

#6. Use dandelions

The milk found has been found useful in getting rid of warts, just be sure to keep up on applying it!

#7. Apply honey 10 Best Ways to Treat Warts at Home Naturally

Organic Manuka honey, harvested in New Zealand, is perhaps the best to use. It is one of the most potent types of honey in terms of the concentration of its antibacterial/antiviral properties. It creates a sort of “occlusion therapy” which is essentially depriving the wart of oxygen and killing it.

#8. Rub sliced potato

There does not seem to be a set reason why, but one of the most common natural remedies for warts you will hear about is rubbing a potato on it. There is not a whole lot of scientific backing to this theory, but over the centuries, people have stuck to it and have found success.

#9. Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice softens the wart. It has a high level of acidity, and a special enzyme to dissolve and eat away at the wart.

#10. Poke with a pin!

Warts are a barrier that keeps the virus that causes them safe and undetected by your immune system. You can alert the immune system by poking it with sterile needle. Once you poke it, your body knows something is up, and can attack it properly.

These home remedies are not instant cures. Apart from these above-mentioned remedies, you can also try using garlic, aloe vera, tea tree oil, witch hazel and many more. In addition to this, you are not spending a bunch of money to go to the doctor and use an extreme method of removal.

About the author
Daniel, the author of this post is a dermatologist. He likes to provide tips and techniques through his posts. Here he describes about the simple home remedies for wart removal from the body.


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