Do you want to do more to save the planet in the new year? Why not make this year the one you become more eco-friendly?

Switching to sustainable practices shows you care about doing your part to combat climate change. As a bonus, you can save considerable money, too! If you haven’t decided on your resolution, consider the eco-friendly New Year’s resolution items on this list.



10 Eco-Friendly New Year's Resolution Ideas

1. Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Are you still buying a new single-use plastic bottle every time you get thirsty? Stop that! Instead, invest in a reusable model and carry it with you everywhere. If you’re forgetful, get one to keep in your car and backpack so that you’re never without a vessel. Keep your new purchase clean with a specialty bottle brush that makes cleaning it a breeze.


2. Bring Bags to the Store

More grocery stores are eliminating plastic bags, but why would you want to use them if you could? These sacks not only pollute the oceans, but they also break. Then you lose your eggs — or your bottle of vino. Bring cloth bags with you, and use mesh bags instead of plastic for produce.


3. Get Outdoors More

To reduce your carbon footprint, walk or bike more. Getting moving in the great outdoors boosts your mood and inspires your spirit of environmental stewardship. Additionally, if you have a four-legged friend, they’ll appreciate accompanying you on your excursions in the new year. Walk your children to school instead of idling in the parent pick up lane.

10 Eco-Friendly New Year's Resolution Ideas

4. Grow Food at Home

Do you have a green thumb? Why not take up gardening as a hobby? You’ll reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing your trips to the store, and your veggies will come fresh off the vine. If you’re particularly ambitious, you can read a blog on how to build a compost bin to minimize waste from food scraps, too.


5. Cut Back on Meat

Did you know that the production of red meat releases 10 to 40 times as many greenhouse gas emissions than growing vegetables and grain? Additionally, the primary reason the Amazon rainforest is burning is due to clearing land for cattle. You don’t have to adopt a fully vegan lifestyle — unless you want to do so. However, if you’re already doing Meatless Monday, try adding another vegetarian day to your repertoire.


6. Upgrade Your Light Bulbs

If you’re still using old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, isn’t it time to upgrade? You’ll save more energy by switching to compact fluorescents or LEDs. Plus, these bulbs tend to last longer, meaning you need to replace them less often — a win for team lazy! If you find you adore the energy savings, you can learn more tips on blogs like Zero Waste Home.

10 Eco-Friendly New Year's Resolution Ideas

7. Use Natural Skin Care

Did you know those plastic microbeads in your favorite exfoliating products end up in the bellies of ocean wildlife? Fish and marine mammals consume these. Then, they slowly starve to death because their bodies can’t digest the material. Instead, make a homemade scrub from coconut oil and brown sugar. You can also use coconut oil directly on your skin and hair as a moisturizer.


8. Give Henna a Try

Do you dye your hair with products containing harsh chemicals? These wash into waterways, poisoning them and the surrounding land. Try coloring your grays with natural henna instead. It takes a bit longer, but it won’t damage your locks or the planet.


9. Shop and Dine Locally

When you transport food over long distances, you release a ton of carbon into the air. This year, find new favorite restaurants that source their meals from local farmers. Fruits and vegetables begin losing nutrients within 24 hours of harvest, so you’ll get extra vitamins and minerals, too.

10 Eco-Friendly New Year's Resolution Ideas

10. Buy Secondhand

Buying new clothing means manufacturers have to use raw materials. Instead, make friends with your favorite thrift store. You can often find brand-name goods for pennies on the dollar. You’ll look fabulous while saving the earth — and saving money.


Ring in the New Year by Resolving to Act Sustainably

This year, resolve to help the planet by acting sustainably. You’ll save money and feel terrific about doing your part with these eco-friendly New Year’s resolution ideas.


About the Author:

Emily covers topics in sustainability and green living. You can read more of her work on her site, Conservation Folks.


What are your favorite eco-friendly New Year’s Resolutions?

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