Incorporating a garden into your home can promote natural living and act as a beneficial hobby. You can grow herbs, vegetables and flowers to brighten your life and give you easy access to organic products. But starting an indoor garden can also be a daunting task. You need to know how to set it up and what steps you can take to maintain it. To help you approach this task, here are 10 tips to get you started.


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10 Tips for Starting an Indoor Garden

1. Strategically Arrange the Placement

Where you set up your garden is crucial. You want to remove it enough so that pets and kids don’t tamper with it, but you also want to be able to reach it each day so you can care for the plants. Designate a corner or room where you can comfortably develop your indoor garden.


2. Provide Enough Sunlight

Depending on the plants you choose to fill your garden with, some may need more direct sunlight while others survive in shade. Familiarize yourself with the species so you can give them the right spot to soak in enough light, and balance your houseplants’ exposure to natural and artificial light. You can elevate some on tables or shelves near windows to keep them healthy.


3. Choose Useful Plants

Select plants that you can eat or find an additional purpose for, so you can take advantage of this natural source. You can add mint, basil, dill or rosemary to your indoor garden and harvest these herbs when you’re whipping up a recipe. This allows you to experience the rewards of your garden firsthand.

10 Tips for Starting an Indoor Garden 

4. Place Them in Individual Pots

Because each kind of plant grows at different rates and requires different maintenance, house each one in its own pot. Pick the right size container for the roots to stretch out on their own, and ensure that the pots offer enough drainage. Also, keep in mind the repotting process for later on, because as your plants grow, they’ll need containers to accommodate their changes.


5. Fill the Pots With Nutrient-Rich Soil

Your plants get nourishment from the type of soil they grow in, so carefully determine which one suits each of your plants. Some varieties prefer heavy, coarse dirt, while others like fine, moist soil. Combining organic fertilizer with the soil can also boost your garden’s growth.


6. Find a Simple Watering Method

Avoid overwatering or flooding your plants by misting them with high-quality water. Using filtered water can aid your garden, especially since typical drinking water contains more than 600 disinfection byproducts — only 11 of which are currently regulated. Hydrating your plants with a clean source can help them thrive.

10 Tips for Starting an Indoor Garden

7. Keep a Consistent Air Flow

When your air circulation isn’t steady, your plants can get sick. You have to take precautions with your indoor garden to expose them to fresh air. To keep the air from becoming stale, periodically transport them to new locations. Set a small fan close by your garden, but point it away to let a light breeze stir up the air.


8. Prevent Your Home From Hindering Growth

Protect your plants from extreme temperatures by separating them from the air conditioning vents and radiators. Remove your garden from any other sources of heat or cold so the plants’ growth isn’t stunted or seriously damaged. Your location should imitate a natural environment for your plants.


9. Keep the Humidity High

Your plants prefer humid conditions that your home might not provide, so offer an extra source of water to hydrate your interior garden. Some plants keep the air hydrated themselves, so add a moisture-producing plant to your collection. You can also use a pebble tray to increase the humidity for your plants to draw on.

10 Tips for Starting an Indoor Garden

10. Reduce Plant Pests

A few weeks after you’ve bought seeds or starter plants for your garden, you might spot pests that are feeding on your plants. Examine the leaves every once in a while to make sure your plants aren’t plagued by undetected insects. Keep your garden area clean to reduce the chance of infestation.


Begin Your Interior Garden Project

Establish a successful garden in your home by preparing a space for your plants and learning about each species. Set up your gardening station with beneficial conditions to nurture your plants from the start.


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