11 Reasons To Make Green Smoothies A Daily Habit

Guest post by Kyra Howearth

Are you making green smoothies every day yet?

Green smoothies, usually a blended combination of fruit, leafy green vegetables and nutritious

superfoods, are so good for your body in numerous ways.

11 Reasons To Make Green Smoothies A Daily Habit


Lose Weight

Many people claim that green smoothies have helped them shred many kilograms off their

body weight.

Green smoothies are a great way to lose weight without starving yourself.

Green smoothies can help you slim down if you consume them as a meal replacement

(add some protein powder so the smoothie keeps you satiated for longer), or consume them

in place of unhealthy snacks.

11 Reasons To Make Green Smoothies A Daily Habit

Gain Energy

As green smoothies are already partially broken down, your body will save energy by not

having to work as hard to digest them.

Also, leafy greens are often a great source of magnesium.

If you have studied a bit of biochemistry, you will know that magnesium is needed by the

mitochondria in our body’s cells to make energy.

Replace Coffee Addiction

Start your day with a green smoothie instead of a coffee and notice the difference!

Your body will be fueled by nutritious fruit and vegetables rather than caffeine, and you won’t

get that afternoon slump as the caffeine wears off.

11 Reasons To Make Green Smoothies A Daily Habit

Easy to Make

Green smoothies are ridiculously easy to make, especially once you get a feel for the right ratios

of fruit to greens to liquid.

It is just as simple as throwing all the ingredients in your blender, pressing the “on” button, and

within 60 seconds you will have a delicious smoothie ready to slurp.

Reduce Cravings for Unhealthy Foods

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself craving kale chips instead of potato chips once you start

consuming green smoothies regularly! You will also start to appreciate the flavours of raw fruit

and vegetables.

This works best if you have your green smoothie in the morning – what you eat for breakfast

usually defines what your body will crave for the rest of the day, so make sure breakfast is a

healthy choice.

11 Reasons To Make Green Smoothies A Daily Habit

Clear Skin

Drinking green smoothies can help your skin become clearer.

Skin breakouts are often caused by a poor diet, so by drinking a green smoothie every day you

will provide your skin with much needed nutrients.

You can also reduce inflammation in your skin by including anti-inflammatory ingredients in your

smoothies, such as turmeric, blueberries, as well as leafy greens.

Full of Fiber

As fruit and vegetables are naturally high in fiber, green smoothies are a great way to ensure you

are consuming plenty of fibre each day.

Fiber helps you feel fuller for longer, and also helps to clean out your digestive tract and keep your

bowel moving regularly.

11 Reasons To Make Green Smoothies A Daily Habit


Green smoothies are a great way to keep your body hydrated.

It can be difficult to drink the recommended 2 litres of water each day, but green smoothies can

contribute to this daily amount.

Fruit and vegetables are usually 90% or more water, so if you drink 500 millilitres of green smoothie,

it is safe to count that towards your daily water intake.

Pack More Nutrients into Your Diet

Green smoothies are jam-packed with nutrients such as vitamins C, K, beta-carotene, iron,

magnesium, calcium, folate, and so much more (depending on the different ingredients you use).

I will admit, on some days, green smoothies are the healthiest thing I consume.

11 Reasons To Make Green Smoothies A Daily Habit

Encourage Your Children to Eat More Leafy Greens

Will your children willingly eat a salad packed with leafy green vegetables?

I know my children are not fans of green vegetables.

However, most children love the sweet taste of green smoothies – and the green color makes the

smoothie look fun!

Start off with lots of fruit in your children’s smoothies, and gradually increase the amount of leafy

green vegetables.

Before you know it, they will be asking for kale smoothies, and may even begin to nibble on

spinach salads.

11 Reasons To Make Green Smoothies A Daily Habit

Sensational Taste

Perhaps one of the most appealing reasons to make green smoothies part of your daily life is to

satisfy your sense of taste.

The fruity combinations excite your taste buds, and green smoothies are usually a joy to drink.

You can create different flavors every day by using different fruits, fresh herbs, or adding

superfoods like cacao.

Or simply try this healthy and delicious Greener Colada Smoothie pictured in the photo above.

About the author
After sharing hundreds of green smoothies between herself, her husband and 3 children, Kyra Howearth knows a thing or two about how to make the perfect green smoothie. You can find some of her healthy smoothie recipes on her blog Vie De La Vegan or Instagram @viedelavegan.

Top and bottom photo: Greener Colada by Kyra Howearth


Have you made green smoothies a daily habit yet?

What are your favorite green smoothie combinations?

Share your tips, combos, thoughts and comments with us.


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