If you or a loved one has received a cancer diagnosis, you’re no stranger to the flood of emotions and questions that come along with the disease. What to eat? Where to go for support? How did this cancer even start?

If you turn to Amazon, you’ll be met with over 20,000 books on cancer. The amount of information is truly overwhelming, and it’s impossible to know where to begin. That’s why The Mesothelioma Center put together a list of 12 inspirational cancer books to read in 2020.

12 Valuable Books About Cancer That Inform and Inspire

These books were selected based on customer reviews, bestseller lists on Amazon and The New York Times, and other awards within each cancer-specific category. Whether you’re dealing with cancer directly or just want to learn more, these books provide everything you’ll need to know.


12 Valuable Books About Cancer That Inform and Inspire - Concerned about cancer? Whether you're a caregiver, patient, or just looking to learn, these inspirational books contain cancer survivor stories, treatment advice, and advice for living a healthier life.  #cancer  #cancerbooks  #cancersurvival  #cancerprevention  #cancertreatment  

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What are your favorite books about cancer?

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