17 Eco-friendly Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home and Garden - Infographic

Does this pesky problem sound familiar?

Each year, as the weather gets cooler, my dad starts to notice mice scampering quickly

across the floor in his home, disappearing behind walls and through tiny openings only they

can see.

He is not very pleased about this because these annual, uninvited pests love to nibble their way

into boxes of his favorite cereals.

They also bite holes through all kinds of packaging and worm their way inside–feasting on his potato

chips, popcorn, bread, crackers, cookies and more.

He has had to discard quite a lot of mice-infested food, so he would love to find an eco-friendly,

non-toxic way to prevent their visits.

Once, he even endured a costly and toxic bed bug extermination, so he vowed never to do that again.

Are you plagued by unwanted pests in your home or garden?

Would you like to find safe, environmentally friendly ways to pest-proof your home ?

From ants, bed bugs, flies and rodents to wasps, bats, deer and foxes, this handy infographic offers

safer, non-toxic, green solutions for you to implement in order to pest proof your own environment.

Green Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Home


Green Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home Infographic
Courtesy of: Chadwicks
What green, non-toxic pest-prevention methods worked for you in your home?
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