How To Keep Your Home Clean

Pets bring a lot of joy to our lives. Cats and dogs are funny, fish have their own appeal, and even reptiles can be affectionate—albeit in a “lizard” kind of way. Some of these pets are going to be cleaner than others, some are going to be the living incarnation of “mess”. Still, the benefit is worth the detriment.

For example, consider the keys to health. There are three of them. Two, everybody knows:. These are a given! However, the third is a bit more nebulous. That third quality is your mind. It turns out that mental health can destroy the positive effects of both diet and exercise.

Say you’ve got your body at its peak, and you’re always eating natural foods that have no GMOs, no chemicals, and no hormones. If your mind’s rotten, you still might find yourself imposing self-harm. Or if you’re on the internet too much, you might miss out on natural vitamins like vitamin D, and get angry at a pin-drop—too much tech is bad for your head.



Pets help keep you centered mentally. Dogs will need walking, that gets you away from the computer. And cats will need to be chased after they jump on your bed and hack up a hairball. Jokes aside, pets are good for your soul. However, as mentioned, they’re messy and can pollute the atmosphere. Air purifying options are key in fixing this, we’ll explore some here.

2019 Buying Guide: Air Purifiers For Pet Owners

Features To Consider In Finding Purification Options

First, consider what sort of things you’re going to need from an air purifier in a house rife with animals. You’ll want something that can kill pathogenic organisms of the “microscopic” variety. These commonly drift through the air. You’ll want a purifier that sucks the bad smells out of the air. Something else necessary is particulate cleansing.

Additionally, it’s worthwhile to find something that matches the aesthetic of your home. Sometimes you want to go with an ultra-modern air purifier, others you’ll want something that remains hidden in the background. Whatever you buy needs to be affordable, and it shouldn’t end up being too much of a tax on your monthly utility bill.

Allergen reduction is additionally worthwhile. Look for purifiers that can suck dust, smoke, mold, or pollen right from the air. Some purifiers come with additional cleaning levels that can apply increased purification depending on your needs. The more layers of filtration you can find, the better—within reason. Some are just for show, some are actually functional.

Different models of purifiers will have different features like these. Something that’s easy to clean makes a lot of sense. Also, you might want to consider how quiet the purifier is. If it’s too loud, even if it works right, you may find it irritating. For purifiers to work, you’ve got to put them in the right parts of the house. You can’t just throw one in a closet.

2019 Buying Guide: Air Purifiers For Pet Owners

Finding Your Best Balance

There are some purifiers out there now which feature things like plasma waves that act as permanent filters—though generally, you’re going to find such solutions are more costly than others. Still, there’s another option here many fail to consider, and that’s the foliage angle.

These eight plants improve indoor air quality in an organic way which will never be impacted by clouds of hair from the most shed-happy Himalayan cat, or any sort of animal dander. Granted, plants tend not to have properties that work against microorganisms, but some do; and many actually purify chemicals from the air.

On the other hand, on this site are that have been rated by pet organizations as the best out there right now. All of them are going to be pricier than plants, and only a few will be on the same level of effectiveness over the long-term.

2019 Buying Guide: Air Purifiers For Pet Owners

When you take a step back and look at it, the market today has a few considerable options. Whether you’re going the mechanical or organic route, there are many available solutions for air purification in 2019. Figure out your budget, and which features of purification are most important to you. You might even mix plants with technology for the perfect balance. 


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