3 Family Activities to Keep Your Summer Fun and Green

Freezing winter days are gone now, so you don’t have to stay locked in your home and

hide yourselves from the cold any longer.

Summer is here and you can benefit from every shining ray of sun to give you energy

and refresh your mind and soul.

There are plenty of summer activities which will stimulate your creativity and assure

great and really funny time together for you and your family.

And isn’t it an awesome idea to combine these joyful days with something useful not only

for you, but also for the planet we live on?

Make this summer a “green” one and you will see how proud the family is going to be at

the end of the season, because of all good things that you will have done for the nature.

Here are several interesting ideas:

1. Green Birthday Party

3 Family Activities to Keep Your Summer Fun and Green

Tens of ways are possible to use yours or some of your relatives’ birthday for doing

something eco-friendly.

For example, food and beverages can be served in reusable or recycled dishes and glasses.

Yes, somebody is definitely going to have to clean them after the party, but this way you’ll

contribute to lessen paper waste.

Guests can also be asked to bring some books, clothes, food or just money that will be given

for charity, instead of buying gifts, which may be sometimes redundant or inconvenient.

The Green party can be even funnier, if you play some nature themed games, e.g. a contest

for the most beautiful animal feeder, made of old carton boxes.

Try not to hire a cleaning agency after the event and clean the house and the garden on your

own by using DIY cleaning products.

2. Plant a Garden

3 Family Activities to Keep Your Summer Fun and Green

This will be so useful both for the household and the little kids.

They all love pizza and colorful salads, but do they really know where the food comes from?

This activity can be profitable in so much ways – you’ll have clean and natural products,

which will not have been stimulated to grow by some toxic substances.

The kids will be proud that they are eating food they worked and cared for and some money

will be saved from shopping.

Planting vegetables or herbs can also contribute for your outdoor space’s appearance.

3. Go on a Family Bicycle Trip

3 Family Activities to Keep Your Summer Fun and Green

It doesn’t have to be the longest and most exhausting bike ride in your life.

Just prepare some sandwiches (with tomatoes and lettuce from your own garden) and take

the family to a funny picnic.

But don’t use the car.

Reduce the CO2 emissions in the air at least 3-4 times a month by riding bicycles – this will

be good for the family’s and nature’s health in the same time.

Just remember not to leave your garbage behind and get the kids involved in the cleaning to

develop an eco-friendly attitude in their minds.

To make it more attractive you can promise them a gift for the most devoted cleaner.

Funny family green activities are a great way of spending your summer days, but being helpful

for the environment meanwhile is even greater.

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What fun, green family activities do you have planned for the summer?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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