Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis?

If you’re like most people then the answer is “no”.

Even if you have good intentions and eat a fruit or veggie at every meal
you may still be behind on your recommended daily allowances for
essential health-supportive nutrients.

Are you trying to find convenient solutions to help you eat healthier?
Are you looking for a way to achieve better health and nutrition without
giving up the joys and flavors of food?

Or maybe you want to eat healthier but just don’t have the time to cook or
prepare meals.

I know it’s a challenge.
Most of are very busy, multi-tasking, and juggling hectic schedules!

33 Tips to Help You Juice Like a Pro

Don’t despair. One good solution is at your fingertips.


Have You Tried Juicing?

Juicing is the process of extracting the juice or liquid from fruits and
vegetables, and the peel and the pulp are left behind.
Fresh organic juice is flavorful and nutritious.

It’s a super healthy way to maximize nutrient intake, and  juicing
regularly can help you meet your recommended daily allowances for
essential nutrients.

Want to lose weight, have more energy, sleep better and enjoy
improved vitality?

Juicing can help!

According to juicing afficionado,, juicing at
home is very important because the juice is created with our own
hands, energy, and love…


“Furthermore, when we make juice, it is exactly how we want

it to be, and we can be sure that it has been properly

washed and cleaned.

Just make the time and also make it very easy on yourself.

So, here’s what you can do.

1) Buy one of the following for your base: celery or cucumber.

2) Buy one leafy green, such as kale, romaine, or dandelion.

Or, you could buy carrots instead.

3) Buy lemon, lime, ginger, or apple to add some taste.

#2 and #3 are completely optional. This could be a one-

ingredient juice, such as celery juice.”


33 Do’s and Don’ts of Juicing

There are some definite things you should—and should not—do if you decide to
begin juicing.

They will make all the difference in your success, or lack of success.
The following 33 do’s and don’ts of juicing are divided here into five sections:
general, health, weight control, financial, and social.

Take them with a grain of salt and use what you can in your own juicing adventure.


Juicing in General:

DO plan to research juicers to find the best one for your needs and budget.

DO plan for where and when you will make juice.

Do plan to research juice recipes for your needs and keep a good juice recipe book on hand for reference.

DO plan for carrying and storing your juice away from home, if applicable.

DO plan on using organic produce as much as possible.

DO wash all produce.

DO peel all non-organic produce.

DO clean up after yourself every time you clean and prepare fruits and vegetables.

DO dissemble and wash—or at least soak—your juice machine after every production.

DON’T add too many strong/bitter greens to your juices. Get used to how much they
can affect the taste and your enjoyment of your juices. Same goes for onion and garlic.

DO aim for a ratio of 4:2 green (vegetable) to pink (fruit) for your juices.

DO keep a notebook of the combinations that you like the best (and least)! This will help
when planning your grocery shopping lists.



DO have a plan for your juicing. Study the best practices so you can go into it with
the best chance for success.

DO know what particular vegetables, fruits and greens will best work with any health
issues you may have.

DO plan for balance and variety, both for health as well as to keep yourself interested
in juicing.

DON’T stop taking any prescription medicines.

DO consult with your doctor if you take medications that could be affected by concentrated
amounts of foods such as grapefruit or broccoli. (When in doubt, DO ask.)

DO be careful if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Stick with low-sugar fruit like lemon,
lime, cranberries and rhubarb.


Weight Control:

DO understand what you are getting into, if you decide to do a juice fast.

DO plan your juice fast by taking into consideration your work schedule, family
obligations, and travel plans.

DO allow yourself to transition into your juice fast and plan to transition out of it.

DO think about the food/eating plan you will follow once your official juice fast has ended.

DON’T look at your fast as a “once-and-done,” or the weight you lost will come back overnight.

DO use your newly-awakened taste buds’ excitement to propel yourself into a lifestyle that
includes enjoying and exploring lots more fruits and vegetables.



DO look at your budget and make an informed decision about the juicer you will buy.

DO understand that the volume of produce you will buy is much more than you are used to.

DO expect to have larger than normal grocery bills for the short term, at least.

DO plan to shop for smaller size clothing in a few months if you keep to your healthy lifestyle!



DO realize that some people will criticize you for juicing, especially if you are juice fasting.

DON’T try to convert others to your new way of life. Let your results speak for themselves.

DON’T find yourself unprepared for how to eat at business luncheons or travel.

DO offer to let family members try your juice combinations. It’s fun!

DO keep an optimistic attitude. Remember your original goal, whether it was for general
health, specific issues, or weight control.



Juicing is here to stay, but it is an evolving science.
It seems that the louder adherents and advocates of juicing become, the louder
the naysayers and critics sound.

But committed juicers know the deal…

When you drink a glass of freshly made juice, you get an instant dose of energy.
The digestive process is hastened; you digest juices quickly, and you receive
vital nutrition and benefits almost instantly.

It’s feels a lot like ‘instant gratification’.
And to me that’s the greatest joy I derive from juicing!

DO give yourself a hand for taking positive, healthy steps for a better life.

What other juicing don’ts and tips should be added to this list?

Share your suggestions, tips and favorite combinations with us.

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