Hippocrates would taste urine to diagnose diabetes.

We know it sounds gross, but it’s 100% true! Before his death in 370 BCE, Hippocrates was the “Father of Medicine”. He would taste the patient’s urine and if he detected a distinctly sweet taste, he knew it was likely the individual had diabetes.

Luckily, now there are blood tests that can detect diabetes and other conditions like low testosterone in men. Did you know that a blood test for low testosterone only takes a couple of minutes to complete? You can even get your test results back in as fast as 24-48 hours, depending on who your doctor is.

How can you know if you need a blood test to check for low testosterone levels? It all starts with being able to identify common symptoms


Read on to find out about low testosterone symptoms for men.

1. Changes in Masculine Form

First, let’s look at how low testosterone in men can cause physical changes. Testosterone is a hormone that helps create masculine traits, like body hair or muscle.

When your testosterone levels are low, your physical appearance may start to change. For instance, you might have more body fat, even though you used to have more muscle.

Next, low testosterone levels can also cause a decrease in body hair. Finally, if you’re suddenly tired more than usual, or you’re experiencing hot flashes, low testosterone could be to blame.

4 Common Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

2. Erectile Issues

Testosterone is responsible for stimulating receptors in your brain. Once stimulated the receptors to begin producing nitric oxide. Then the nitric oxide sets off a series of chemical reactions that result in an erection.

If testosterone levels are too low, the receptors aren’t activated and erections can be difficult. Spontaneous erections, (like an erection while you sleep), will be even more difficult with low testosterone levels.


3. Lack of Sexual Appetite

Everyone’s body responds differently to a drop in testosterone levels. For some men, their sex drive stays the same, even when their testosterone levels drop.

However, other men aren’t so lucky. For them, even a slight drop in testosterone levels can cause their sex drive to slow down, or even stop.

4 Common Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

4. Low Semen Production

Semen is the fluid that helps sperms mobilize. If your testosterone levels are dropping, the amount of semen your body produces can also plummet.

After ejaculating, men with low testosterone can visibly notice that there’s less semen then there normally is. For some men, the drop in semen production has very little, if not zero impact on their ability to enjoy sex.

However, for others, a drop in semen production also signifies a drop in sexual pleasure. For these men, the weaker orgasm simply doesn’t feel as fulfilling as the intense one they’re used to.

Dealing with Low Testosterone in Men

Now you know about 4 symptoms that can accompany low testosterone in men. Are you experiencing 1 or more of the symptoms in this article? If yes, don’t wait to do something about it!

Reach out to your primary care physician today and start exploring your options. For more ways to get in tune with your body, check out the rest of this site.


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