The quest for healthy, natural hair sometimes seems never-ending. What works well for one person can be disastrous when you try the same thing. It may feel like some people have perfect natural hair with minimal effort, but rest assured, everyone has their challenges.

Fortunately, there are a lot of natural remedies available to help with common natural hair problems. Here are four of the most common problems and how to fix them without harsh chemicals.



Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss and shedding is a common issue for natural hair. While it’s completely normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair a day, if you notice significant loss or patches, there could be something else going on.

The first step is determining if there’s an underlying medical cause. Hormonal disruptions and alopecia are common causes of natural hair loss. Vitamin deficiencies also cause hair loss.

If hormonal issues or alopecia are causing your hair loss, focus on developing stress coping mechanisms to help offset the effects. Eating a nourishing diet with plenty of lean protein and vegetables will also help give your hair what it needs to get healthy.

Tension can also contribute to hair loss. If you often wear tight braids or buns, switch to a looser style for a few weeks to see if you notice a difference. It’s also worth wearing a silk scarf over your hair if you’ll be out in the sun for a prolonged period.

4 Natural Remedies for Common Natural Hair Problems 

Natural Remedies for Breakage

It’s a common myth that natural hair is really strong. While it might appear coarser and more durable, the internal structure is rather fragile. Over time, chemical treatments and tough handling cause breakage. This contributes to the other myth that natural hair doesn’t grow.

The best way to offset breakage is to ensure your hair is adequately nourished. One is using argan oil to revitalize your hair. Blend it with shea butter or coconut oil for an extra dose of nourishment. 

Give your hair a break from heat and relaxants to give it time to heal. Note that split ends are a whole other issue under the umbrella of breakage. Despite what some products claim, there’s no cure for split ends. Give them a trim to keep them from spreading upward and contributing to the problem.


Natural Remedies for Endless Tangles

Detangling can be a nightmare for some types of natural hair. Being too harsh can lead to additional breakage and hair loss. Use a blend of coconut oil and argan oil to assist with finger detangling before moving onto a wide-tooth comb. Remember to be gentle and patient.

Single strand knots a whole other monster. If you continuously experience these, you might need to change up your routine. Take time to dry your hair rather than letting it air dry, as the natural shrinkage often causes the knots to occur. Use shea butter to seal your ends and use avocado and aloe vera for a deep conditioning mask.

4 Natural Remedies for Common Natural Hair Problems

Natural Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Frizz comes with the territory of natural hair. It’s often caused by a need for moisture or friction from the drying process.

Start by swapping out any terrycloth towels you have with microfiber. This will reduce friction as you dry your hair. Use regularly to help combat frizz and keep your locks nourished.

Mix a blend of argan oil and olive oil in a microwaveable dish or double boiler. Heat until hot, but still comfortable to hold and apply to your hair. Leave for 20 minutes, then wash out and follow your usual styling routine.

Natural hair is beautiful, and so is confidence. Try some of these natural remedies for common hair problems so that you can love your hair.


What are your favorite natural remedies for common natural hair problems?

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