4 Steps to Your Own Kitchen Beauty Lab Plus a Strawberry Manicure Mask Recipe

Make fresh, natural beauty products right in your kitchen.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “You are what you eat”!
Well, we also absorb whatever we put on our bodies — a process called transdermic penetration. Most topical substances can either penetrate, be absorbed into the bloodstream or affect the skin’s surface. That’s a terrifying thought in view of the fact that most common hair and body care products contain a frightening list of toxic ingredients.

“Almost nine hundred toxic chemicals have been 

found in commercial cosmetic products by the

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.


The Cancer Coalition has stated that cosmetic and

and personal care products pose a higher threat 

of cancer than even smoking cigarettes.”

Compounding the problem is the vast amount of incorrect information distributed by marketing departments to attract new customers.
Once the toxins get into your bloodstream, it forces your body to work much harder than usual in an effort to get rid of them. The liver is responsible for most of this clean up, but it can only handle so much before health problems will set in. The liver is a key part of the body’s immune system and should be treated with care. Liver problems can cause major health issues such as auto-immune diseases, asthma, continual infections, and allergies.

“Some of these chemicals may be toxic enough

to actually accelerate the aging process,

which is the opposite of what you are trying

to accomplish with your skin care.”

Even in these days of increased regulation and consumer watchdog groups, there are a number of new products introduced each year that still contain damaging chemicals.
Using natural ingredients can help you avoid these toxicity problems. The body recognizes natural skin care products as organic matter to be processed, not as a toxic threat that must be eliminated. Most of these products are made out of plant matter which contains the same basic vitamins and minerals as the ones already present in our bodies. Synthetic chemicals may be seen by the body as toxic and the immune system will react against them.
Faced with these horrifying facts, we know that it is absoutely critical to reduce our toxic loads by any means necessary.
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So What’s a Naturalista to Do?

We can do a lot of research and buy safer, non-toxic, organic products or try making them ourselves using  natural and organic ingredients found in most kitchens. Home made beauty products may be the answer if you are concerned about the chemicals in most commercial cosmetic products. This seems like much kinder way to treat our bodies. Plus, we’’ll save lots of money and  have fun making stuff — while protecting our health and the environment.

Did You Make a Mess in Your Kitchen?

You probably have much of what you need on hand already in your kitchen. Some common kitchen items that can be used to make natural beauty products are Epsom salt, bananas, honey, oatmeal, olive and vegetable oils, yogurt, fruit and mayonnaise. This is just a short list of household products that can be used for skin or hair care. There are quite a few other natural products that can do wonders for your appearance.
There are two common ingredients that you probably will not have on hand when you are learning how to make natural beauty products. These are beeswax and natural soap bars. Beeswax and other natural waxes can be found at health food stores, soap making shops, and some craft stores. For those allergic to bees, there are other vegetable-and flower-based waxes to choose from.
You can exfoliate with a gentle material such as crushed oatmeal, table sugar, or baking soda. Make exfoliating a regular part of your daily skin care routine and you will see much more life and bounce in your appearance. Other natural substances that may be useful for skin care include honey, egg whites, olive oil, bananas, and avocado. Be creative and use of some of the common items you have in your kitchen to give you softer, smoother skin.
Part of the problem is, as most of us embark down the path of making natural health and beauty recipes, we have little to no experience in making them.  After botching one too many batches of gooey stuff, we might become discouraged and give up trying to make them at home — finding it easier and less-time-consuming to go back to our old “dirty” habits.

Good Preparation is Key!

Before you throw in the towel, here are few tips to get you started on the right foot:

1. Research Natural Beauty Recipes and Information Online

Actually the first thing anyone should do when deciding to make any of the natural health and beauty recipes they find is to do some research. The internet is a great resource in learning about the ingredients used in the recipes and where to find them. You can also find tips and tricks from people who have made the recipe before, allowing you to learn from their experience and mistakes before you attempt to make it yourself. Why learn the hard way and make your own mistakes when you can learn from someone else’s?

2. Find a Good Natural Health and Beauty Reference Book

Next, you’ll want to purchase a good reference book on natural health and beauty recipes. It’s not always possible to hop on the internet and look up the information you need when you’re right in the middle of creating something. A good reference book is also great for researching any particular ailments that might spring up on you suddenly. Having one on essential oils is a must since essential oils are used quite frequently in these types of recipes.

3. Use Separate Cookware for Beauty Recipes

Since quite a few natural health and beauty recipes are cooked much like regular, food recipes, you’ll want to purchase separate cook wear that will be used when you make your beauty recipes. Some ingredients can do wonders for a complexion but cause serious problems if ingested. It can be hard to get a pot completely clean and free of any essential oil or plant residue once it’s been used for a beauty recipe. You’ll avoid the likelihood of cross-contamination all together if you simply use different cook wear for different things.

4. Keep Your Work Area Clean and Organized

When you’re ready to make one of the beauty recipes, gather all of your ingredients and the recipe together, much like when you cook normally. Make sure you keep your work area clean and wipe up any spills immediately. Have whatever containers ready that you plan on storing your creations in.
Now that you have these tips under your belt, try this easy recipe for a natural manicure mask.

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Strawberry Manicure Mask

Mash 3-5 ripe strawberries.
Drain off the juice.
Combine with 1 tbspn of sugar
Add a little bit of light oil of your choice. I used organic coconut oil.
Apply the resulting mixture to your hands by using a circular motion.
Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Relax in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and listen to music.
This strawberry manicure mask is a great way to pamper your hands naturally.
It will condition and exfoliate your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
Strawberries contain a gentle, exfoliating acid that helps to rid the skin of dead-cell build up.
Sugar is an abrasive exfoliant excellent for the all parts of the body except the face and it doesn’t dry or sting the skin.
This kitchen-fresh mask is just one of the beauty products you can make at home without spending much money. Other great home remedies include facial cleansers and moisturizers, hair care products, herbal bath soaks, skin butter, and natural body scrubs. Most of these recipes can be made with simple ingredients that you already have at home.

More Green & Natural Beauty Recipes

Worried about toxins in your lipgloss? Make your own.

Here are a few more easy, green and natural beauty products to whip up in your kitchen lab:
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Now that you know how easy it is, jump right in and learn how to make natural beauty products of your own.
What natural beauty recipes have you made in your kitchen? Share your comments with us below.
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