The arrival of April means rain showers, blooming flowers, and Earth Day! Embracing a green lifestyle can be easier than you think as you prepare for Spring cleaning. If you are someone who has been looking for ways to adopt a more planet friendly lifestyle, use the arrival of this new season to bring out your green thumb. There are many ways you can green up your home routine for this upcoming Earth Day, and hopefully for every other day as well!


“Embracing a green lifestyle and

adopting a more planet-friendly lifestyle

can be easier than you think!”


Grow Your Own Veggies

4 Ways to Green Your Home Routine for Earth Day — and Everyday!

Springing into the month of April means it’s time to get your garden ready for that Springtime rain. So where do you start if you’re someone who has never planted a garden before? A great place to begin is by setting up a space to grow some vegetables. Whether you decide to mark out a space in your backyard for a mini tomato garden, or you opt for a simple windowsill box for herb growing, planting seeds is a great way to green up your routine.

Do some research on easy gardening tips for beginners; you may find starting to grow your own produce is an easy process. Gardening might even be the hobby you didn’t know you were missing! Growing veggies could also encourage you to make the diet change of eating little to no meat. The more vegetables you consume, the smaller your carbon footprint will be! If you’re someone who is a bit wary about starting a vegetable garden, consider purchasing some air purifying house plants as an alternative. There are endless options when it comes to letting out the gardener inside of you.


Conserve, Conserve, Conserve

4 Ways to Green Your Home Routine for Earth Day — and Everyday!

Perhaps the easiest and most impactful green change you can put into practice in your home routine is to conserve as much as possible. What we mean by this is that less is more. Make conservation an active part of your daily routine by simply using less. Use less water and less electricity. Whether this means turning the sink off while brushing your teeth or designating less time for your morning shower, water conservation is a great way to make an impact.

Using less electricity can mean anything from lighting a few candles at night instead of using a lamp, to turning off the TV when you’re not actually watching it. The concept of less being more is one that both your home and our planet can benefit from at the same time. Whatever method of conservation works best for you, work towards incorporating it into your home routine and stick to it.


Buy Vegan & Cruelty-Free

4 Ways to Green Your Home Routine for Earth Day — and Everyday!

A big part of what makes your home a home are the products you fill it with. Going green with your routine means being conscious of the products you use and the impact they have on our planet. Items ranging from cleaning supplies to beauty products have the potential to cause more harm than help in the long run. Try stocking the shelves of your bathroom closet with cruelty-free alternatives the next time you clean out what you’re not using. You’d be surprised how many affordable necessities you can find in the vegan section of your local stores.

There are even cruelty-free ways to help you decide on a new hair color for when you’re ready for a style change! Most people are unaware of the toxic chemicals that go into non-vegan hair dyes, and the testing that occurs on animals during the production of common beauty products. When you’re searching for beauty supplies next, consider their impact on the environment first. Hopefully buying vegan and cruelty-free will open you up to a whole new world of green routine products for your home.



4 Ways to Green Your Home Routine for Earth Day — and Everyday!

While this is something most homeowners probably already practice, it’s important to have it on our list. The impact of recycling on our environment might actually be greater than you think. Recycling is still one of the best ways to be sure your home routine is helping our planet. The production of new products from recycled items decreases pollution and deforestation. The more items we repurpose, and reuse ensures that we are producing brand new products less, allowing us to save our trees and limit factory pollution! On top of this, recycling is a great way to reduce landfill waste as well.

It’s important to take the extra time to recycle your home items properly, so be sure to make recycling a big part of your at home green routine! Once you develop a habit of putting recycling first, you’ll find it easier to develop other eco-friendly habits as well!  As you assess the parts of your home routine that could use some extra green in them, give one or all of the tips above a try!


What things are you looking forward to changing at home that will help our planet?

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 4 Ways to Green Your Home Routine for Earth Day — and Everyday - Embracing a green lifestyle andadopting a more planet-friendly lifestyle can be easier than you think! There are many ways you can green up your home routine for Earth Day, and hopefully for every other day as well!   #green  #goinggreen  #earthday  #greenliving  #ecofriendly  #ecofriendlylifestyle  #earthfriendly  #greenhome




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