Would you like to spend more time outdoors with your family? According to a study by , 47 percent of gamers are 18 to 49 years old. The study further states that 50 percent of people with gaming consoles use them to also watch movies. These statistics show that young and older adults are spending a large amount of time inside. Check out these four ways to move your family outdoors.


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Invest in Outdoor Sports Equipment

4 Ways To Move Your Family Outdoors

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Purchase a few sports equipment pieces to set up in your yard. Portable options allow easy mobility and no permanent damage to your lawn or driveway. Basketball goals are very popular additions for driveways or paved backyards, but soccer goals work best on grassy areas. Softball bases do as well. Playing with the portable equipment in your front yard is a welcoming signal for neighbors to come over. Having more participants can increase your family’s outdoor time significantly.


Take Evening Walks

4 Ways To Move Your Family Outdoors

Exercise is an activity that busy people often cast aside. A casual walk around your neighborhood in the evening is great exercise for the whole family. Depending on when the sun sets in your area, try going for a walk after dinner. A leisurely walk down your street, around the corner, and back is probably 0.5 to 1 miles. If you live near a park or pond, that can be a resting point to feed ducks. Make it a daily routine to release stress from your workday. Children need to release stress too. Catch up on what’s going on in everyone’s lives while spending quality time together.


Create More Inviting Spaces

4 Ways To Move Your Family Outdoors

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Create an inviting, semi-sheltered space for the whole family by in your backyard. It is ideal for spending time together or entertaining friends. Enjoy the outdoor air with a game of Scrabble, chess, or playing cards. Decorate the cozy area with durable, waterproof furniture that accommodates everyone. When the weather is chilly, use an eco-friendly tabletop fireplace to stay warm. For colder environments, consider including a small fire pit in the center of your pergola during the construction phase.


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Camp Out in the Backyard

4 Ways To Move Your Family Outdoors

It’s an outdoor staycation. No need to pack up the car and drive to another town. Instead, bring the wilderness to your backyard. This is a great idea if you have very young children who aren’t ready for the real thing. right behind your house. It’s very inexpensive and quite easy to do. Grab a few essentials such as a large tent, sleeping bags, snacks, and flashlights. Don’t forget bug spray and bottled water. Leave the electronic gadgets inside your home so you can focus on “roughing” it.

4 Ways To Move Your Family Outdoors

Finally, have some old-fashioned family fun outdoors. Get together and blow bubbles, wash the family car, start a fruit garden, or go bike riding. Installing a swimming pool or buying an inflatable one is always a treat for everyone. Whichever activities you choose, make them exciting and do them often.


What are your favorite ways to get your family to spend more time outdoors?

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