Medical insurance is one of the most popular insurance services. About 1,000,000 people, including employees of various companies and organizations in various parts around the world, enjoy all the benefits of medical insurance. The popularity of health insurance is growing year by year. More and more companies value the and working time of their employees. Besides, when choosing a place of work for highly qualified specialists, an important factor is a full-fledged social package, which includes the health insurance policy.

The care of our health and that of our family members is an issue that one cannot ignore. The delay in benefits and consultations should make us reflect on the advantages that private insurance would bring.


Health Insurance

Are you looking for good health insurance? There are some great companies out there with the complete medical staff — without co-payment — and dental coverage, assistance abroad and many more coverages that includes everything for your well-being. You can call them and request your insurance without obligation.

5 Advantages of Health Insurance

The individual scope of benefits

The private health insurance company agrees to individual benefits with each member. Your tariff offer is significantly broader compared to statutory health insurance companies. As a result, you can get several benefits. Here are some basic advantages of health insurance.


1. Personalized attention and trust

The care is personalized and adapted to the medical needs of each individual. This, linked to the possibility of choosing a doctor and hospital center, creates an environment of trust between professionals and patients.

5 Advantages of Health Insurance

2. More comfortable hospitalization

If hospitalization is required, it is possible to have a single room, greater care, and all the necessary services available to the patient.


3. International coverage

Many private medical insurances offer services almost anywhere in the world. With private insurance, the attention is almost complete, and they have extensive professional teams.

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4. Medical treatments

Thanks to the benefits that these private medical insurances have, the treatments are innovative, and you are able to have complementary or alternative therapeutic options.


5. Medical service

The patients can configure out the benefits of medical insurance according to the budget. They can choose which health care they want and the health plans that suit them. However, private insurances have a series of notable advantages. Other advantages include hospitalization in an individualized room, personalized attention, and the possibility of a second medical opinion. Some companies even have alternative medicine treatments that are not offered by public medicine, such as homeopaths or acupuncturists.

With these variants and advantages, we should properly study the health care plan of our family and our own. Besides, it offers the possibility of contracting private insurance with the recommendations of an advisor or mediator that helps you avoid difficult situations.

It allows us to go to the specialist we need in many centres within the health network and adds a guarantee to our health insurance.

Here are some basic facilities that health insurance companies provide:

  • Quick care and diagnosis: Go directly to the specialist without having to go before the GP. This saves unnecessary time and paperwork by effectively managing time and resources.
  • Digital Services: Private health insurance always suit everyone. For greater comfort and flexibility, you can carry out your medical procedures via mobile, such as requesting appointments, seeing clinical results or consulting the medical staff. Besides, you can connect easily and without travelling to your doctors, and attend video consultations whenever you need to talk to them.
  • Free choice of doctor: Within the extensive medical chart, health insurance allows us to choose the professional we want. This facilitates trust and comfort between the patient and the medical professional.
  • Waiting lists are much smaller: Private medical insurance allows you to avoid waiting lists by helping you get diagnosed by the professionals you decide. The flexibility of schedules, with ample time slots for medical professionals, is not to excessively alter our daily commitments. Second medical opinion is that you can choose the most experienced professionals in each specialty, even if they are abroad. This second opinion can serve the patient to make decisions regarding their pathology.
  • More comfortable hospitalization: This is both for you and your family. Private medical insurances usually have individual rooms, which provides greater care to the patient.
  • Additional and exclusive coverage: It allows you to customize your insurance according to your needs. It completes the health insurance to make it unique and tailored.
  • Dental insurance: Many medical insurances include dental insurance. Many others offer the possibility of hiring it additionally. It is important to keep in mind that this type of coverage can save us up to 30% in oral treatments.

5 Advantages of Health Insurance

Additional benefits of life insurance:

  • Payments on risk events are not taxed. Survival income tax is only levied on the difference between the payment amount and the number of contributions minus the refinancing rate.
  • Tax deduction: You can apply to the tax authorities with a statement and return the tax deduction in the number of insurance contributions paid for the tax period under voluntary life insurance contracts for a period of 5 years or longer.
  • Targeting insurance payments in case of death are not included in the inheritance – only the person whom you indicated will receive them. This is a concern for the most vulnerable members of the family – you can protect, for example, grandchildren or children from their first marriage.
  • The special status of the policy: Insurance policies cannot be levied by third parties. They cannot be confiscated either.



When hiring a private medical service, you must consider the one that best suits the price and benefits of what you are looking for. Therefore, it is important to investigate the different options offered by each insurer.

But after this approach, you must consider a series of variables. The series includes the economic possibility of dealing with the expense that it comes with and taking advantage of the campaigns carried out by insurers with affordable prices. It will offer good prices with co-payments that lower the premium. Another element to take into account in private health insurance is that they do not attend to pathologies or diseases before contracting. If they do so, it increases the amount of the premium to a greater or lesser extent. They do not admit the pre-existing diseases or pathologies that the patient must declare in the health questionnaire beforehand.


Do you have good health insurance?

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