Your home is your sanctuary, your private space but unfortunately, as furniture gets tired, the paint starts to fade and your floors start to look dirty, home can become a dismal place to be. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can spruce up your place and they don’t need to cost the earth. Here’s just a few:


“Experiment with eco-friendly ways

to spruce up your home that

don’t cost the earth.”


1.Revamp your furniture

5 Eco-friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home

If your cupboards, drawers or tables are faded or broken then instead of dumping them, revamp them. Wooden furniture is robust and can be revived again and again. Buy some special furniture paint and if you are feeling really adventurous change the handles.

There are lots of tutorials online that can help you to breathe new life into your furniture. It will save you a heap of money and it is better for the environment too. If you are apprehensive about DIY then there are several companies who will do it for you for a fee. 

2.Don’t ditch your carpets, get them cleaned

5 Eco-friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home

Dirt, dust and foot traffic takes its toll on floor coverings and while you can try your best with the vacuum cleaner, it can’t always get them as clean as you would like. At this point, you can feel like buying new but before throwing your carpets or rugs away, it is worth consulting the professionals.

Whether you want  or elsewhere, there are several environmentally friendly options available to help you freshen up your soft furnishings. If you have wooden flooring, getting them sanded and re-stained can work wonders.  

3.Brighten up old sofas and chairs with throws or covers

5 Eco-friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home

If your sofas are looking a little tatty then why not give your room a shabby chic make-over with some quaint throw over’s. If you prefer clean lines then you could give your seats a new lease of life with fitted covers. You can get them in a variety of colors and styles to suit all tastes. It is a green way to make your furniture look brand new.

4.Paint the walls

5 Eco-friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home

Freshly painted walls can make a room feel brand new even with existing furniture. Spruce up the walls and don’t forget to paint the doors and any other detailing too. Warm, light tones open up a room and give it an open, welcoming feel. Don’t forget to .   

5.Rearrange the furniture and experiment with light

5 Eco-friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home

The way furniture is arranged and your lighting can affect the ambiance of your home. Rearranging your furniture can help open up space and make it feel more welcoming and tranquil. Dimmers and lamps are ideal if you want to give your home or parts of your home a relaxing feel.

Try bulbs with different light outputs to see which you prefer and if you want to create a magical feeling you could even add some LED fairy lights. They don’t have to be reserved for Christmas and as they use less energy they are better for the environment too.


What are your favorite eco-friendly ways to refresh your home? 

Share your thoughts and comments with us.



5 Eco-friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home