5 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness on a Cruise

When most people think about cruises, food and lots of it, is the image that immediately

comes to mind.

And I am no different.

My family and I love to travel and cruising is one easy and convenient way to sample lots of

new–as well as old–destinations.

The fact that we live fairly close to our city’s pier makes cruising our go-to, quick trip choice,

especially when we want to celebrate a special occasion or simply get away for a few days

without dealing with the hassles of flying.

This time we decided to take a Norwegian (NCL) cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate my husband’s


5 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness on a Cruise

Also the fact that we celebrated two weeks after the date was of little significance to us.

What mattered was that we were off to warm, sunny weather, all the food we could eat and all

the fun we could bear.

What’s not to love!

Of course, I was a bit worried about gaining a few pounds while cruising, even though I eat a simple,

whole food, plant-based diet.

For some reason, because the food is free, plentiful and ever-present, I tend to eat and drink much

more–and much more often–when I am on a cruise ship!

With 13 gourmet restaurants and several all you can eat buffets, eating seems like nonstop sport.

And despite the fact that I rarely indulge in dessert on land, the delectable treats served on board are

hard to resist.

However, I wasn’t worried.

I had a plan to burn those extra calories with my surefire NCL cruise fitness program.

Here’s what worked for me:

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness on a Cruise

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness on a Cruise

1. Always Take the Stairs

On a 13 level cruise ship skipping the elevators and taking the stairs everywhere, everyday was

my number one fun way to fit in fitness.

Whether I was going upstairs or down, stair climbing was my number one way to burn calories–

no equipment required.

2. Work Out on the Cardio Fitness Equipment

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness on a Cruise

One the of the great perks of my cruise ship was the fully-equipped fitness center.

Most of my favorite machines were there so a good workout was just a few floors away each


Since they featured a monitor I could catch the news or a favorite show at the same time.

My fitness center routine usually included:

*60 minutes on the treadmill on a high incline at 4.5 mph

*30 minutes on the elliptical machine

*30 minutes on the bike

3. Take a Fitness Class

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness on a Cruise

This ship’s fitness program included daily fitness classes including:



*ab workout

*total body conditioning

*spin classes

*personal training

I tried to squeeze in one class per day depending upon our itinerary and port stops.

4. Do Some Resistance Work

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness on a Cruise

Fortunately, our cruise ship had a separate weight room equipped with free weights, medicine balls,

resistance bands and dumbbells.

They also had some of my favorite resistance machines in the same room with the cardio equipment.

5. Walk Around the Ship

Another great way to exercise while cruising was to do laps around the cruise ship on the

outdoor walking deck.

I also race-walked completely around the ship a few times, by following interior aisles, instead of

going directly to my stateroom, admired the art on the walls and traded greetings with passengers

and crew.

With all of the delectable food on board, we try to get all of our family and friends involved in being more

active during the cruise.

Of course, it is important to make sure to take out  when you are traveling

with older family members.

Relax, Unwind and Repeat!

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness on a Cruise

On most days after working out, I relaxed in the spa’s steam room, sauna and whirlpool bath.

Sometimes I treated myself to a soothing hot stone , herbal or aromatherapy massage.

Finally, I stretched out on a heated stone lounge and sipped herbal tea and citrus-infused water.

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness on a Cruise

That was my reward!


How do you burn calories and fit in fitness while traveling?

Share your thoughts, tips and experiences with us.


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