When it comes to moving into a new house or simply buying furniture if you’re in dire need of a new bed, sofa, table or anything else, the greenest option is always to buy second-hand. Yet sometimes it can take ages or be impossible to find what you really want and you end up browsing new items online at . This can make you feel guilty that you’re not thinking about the greenest option for the planet. The good news is that there are plenty of reasons choosing wooden furniture is the next best green option.

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1. It’s Sustainable

Unlike metal and plastic, wood is renewable. This makes it the greenest and most environmentally friendly raw material. Once trees have been cut down to create tables, chairs and more, fresh ones can be planted. It does take many years for them to grow to a good size for further use, but there has been a big push for reforestation across the world. Always check that the wooden furniture you’re buying is from a sustainable source to be clear though.
5 Green Reasons to Choose Wooden Furniture

2. Wood is Long-lasting

Wood is incredibly resilient and can last for many decades. Just think about all the old places you visit; churches always have wooden pews that have sometimes been around for over a hundred years and sat on by thousands of people, yet are still in good working order. Take good care of any wooden furniture and you might not have to buy any more, saving you time, money and having a positive impact rather than constantly buying new cheap furniture.
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3. There are Many Options

Trees can grow almost anywhere and there are many . Not only does this provide plenty of choice for styles but it means you can pick between more sustainable wooden furniture where available. For example, bamboo grows in just three to five years and can make some fine furniture, making it highly sustainable. However, as it grows mainly in Asia, this can be offset by the environmental impact of importing.

5 Green Reasons to Choose Wooden Furniture

4. The Climate is Helped from the Beginning

From the moment little saplings start to emerge they are already having a positive impact on the climate. , which removes it from the atmosphere and is then stored in their trunks as they grow. This continues even when cut down and turned into furniture, with the storage of carbon preventing it being released into the atmosphere and causing further climate change.
5 Green Reasons to Choose Wooden Furniture

5. They Can Come Full Cycle

Finally, the energy stored in wooden furniture can be released at the end of its life. If your table or other item of furniture reaches a point where it is no good to anyone, unlike plastic and metal which will fill up landfills, you can burn your wooden furniture. This could be for heat, as part of a bonfire or any other appropriate purpose, but being able to make use of it right until the end is a highly green credential.

5 Green Reasons to Choose Wooden Furniture

So, if you’re considering buying some brand new furniture and want the greenest option, go for something wooden.
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5 Green Reasons to Choose Wooden Furniture If you’re considering buying some brand new #furniture and want the #greenest option, go for something #wooden. #woodfurniture #sustainable #eco-friendly #greenfurniture