Moving can be a hassle. There’s the packing, unpacking, address and utility changes, dealing with driving a new route to work every day, and logistically just making sure everything works out on move day itself. In addition to being physically taxing, moving can also be mentally stressful. According to one study, moving to a new place has been shown as being even more stressful than divorce.

Out of 2,000 people surveyed in the United States, six out of 10 people stated that moving to a new place was the most stressful life event, with divorce or a breakup coming in second. Imagine last minute tasks coming up for something as complicated as a long-distance move? There’s stress all over the place. Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the anxiety associated with relocation. Check out these five household services that can make moving a breeze.



1. Moving Companies

Hiring a moving company to help with your relocation every step of the way is the first and foremost way to make life easier when you’re moving. Having to move furniture and boxes can be time-consuming and physically difficult. In addition, you want your mind to be focused on the process as a whole, and not on just one particular aspect of the process.

Moving can take a major physical strain on your body, even if you’re physically fit. Boxes are heavy, and hard to reach areas that need to be accessed for a successful move can lead to pulled and strained muscles. Why not hire a set of trained professionals, who have years of experience, to conduct your next move? Once you receive a free quote on how much it will cost, just pack up your items and let , Atlanta, or New York City deal with it. Wherever your new address is, hiring a local, great company for your next move will help you have a great experience. For instance, Phoenix movers know all the inside information about Phoenix, AZ which means they can navigate the ins and outs of a local move for you if you’re traveling from far away and aren’t familiar with the area.

Movers can do the heavy lifting, place the items where they need to be, and ensure that the work gets done in a timely manner. There are a host of affordable moving company options out there, though you want to make sure they are licensed for such work and have a good track record. Hire professional movers to get the job done, and give yourself some peace of mind.

2. Storage Facility

5 Household Services That Make Moving A Breeze

When moving, you might not be able to get all of your belongings to the new house right away. Space might be limited at your new home, or you may have come to the decision that some items might need to be given away to charity or even sold. Until you can either find room in your new home to place these items in, you should consider renting storage units when moving.

Storage facilities can be used for home moving, or even for business moving. With residential moving, having an offsite location to be able to store extra belongings or valuable can definitely come in handy. You don’t have to permanently part with such items, and you can rest assured that these items are in a safe a secure location at storage facility. Renting a unit at a storage facility helps to keep your mind at ease during the moving process. There are plenty of storage facilities around the U.S. that can make your move easier.

3. Apartment Locator Services

Seeking apartments in your area can be a bit time consuming, especially added to the rigors that come with relocation. Why not let someone else handle it? Apartment locator services provide just this sort of service. Trustworthy apartment locators are extremely familiar with the cities where they work, and even have personal experience with a variety of apartment communities.

These services will work with apartment realty companies like , in the hopes of finding the best place that matches your criteria. Apartment locator services also have access to special databases and insider information from their network of apartment community managers. This can help to find apartment listings that may not have been posted anywhere else. Apartment locater services also provide quality search services for reasonable prices.

4. Pet Sitter

5 Household Services That Make Moving A Breeze

If you have pets, you want to ensure that they stay safe and out of the way during a big move. If you have movers coming in and out of the new house performing unpacking services, you don’t want your pets walking around, and disrupting the moving process. On the pet’s side of things, this can be a stressful time for them, as their regular lives are being disrupted.

Imagine how difficult a time some humans have with change. That’s compounded 10 times for our fur babies. Hiring a pet sitter is one way to help manage this aspect of the move. If you want to board the animal at a specific place, or even have them house sat during the day of the move, hiring a pet sitter can be pretty helpful for keeping care of your pets as you move into your new house.

5. House Helper

Let’s say you’re in the process of making a move to a new location, and you want to mount your LCD television on the wall. You have no idea how to do this, and currently, the move requires your utmost attention. Hire a house helper. These individuals are trained to complete a variety of tasks around the house: cleaning, picture mounting, tv hanging, furniture assembling, and even electronic installations, Combining years of experience with great customer satisfaction and customer service, you can get your money’s worth from a house helper.


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