There is an interesting connection between the gut and the brainwave. The gut tells us everything about the problems in our bodies and tell us how to react to them. The human body is considered to be a supercomputer where the organs work in a joint manner passing off the information on the progress made by the organs. 



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5 Insights Aspiring Nurses Can Get From Emeran Mayor 

5 Insights Aspiring Nurses Can Get From Emeran Mayor's "The Mind-Gut Connection"

There is a connection between the gut and brain 

It is natural for humans to experience an unusual sensation in various organs of the human body. Knowing how your body works helps prepare your mind and body for a healthy lifestyle. Generally, the problems within the human body start to form when they experience abnormal emotions and sensual disturbances. Then the actual symptoms start. The reason behind such a way of functioning is due to the connection between the brain and the gut, which transfers information between them and tries to identify the problem within ourselves. The gut and the brain are directly linked in a bidirectional way and cross across many organs to gather information and possible reactions. The generation of emotions and the optimal gut functions are intricately linked to each other. 


The position of the microbe 

There is a bidirectional pathway between the two results in proving the existence of an organism that carries the information to all parts of the body. The microorganism which is responsible for carrying out the function is the microbe. For the mind-gut connection microbes are usually generated as a result of experiencing traumatized emotions and other feelings, which try to indicate the importance of the problem due to the changes in the human body. The microbes play an important role in warning the human body about the underlying changes by creating abnormal sensations. For seniors, it is important to understand the function of the gut and identify when the microbial functions don’t respond properly due to anatomical reasons.


Gut diversity and vulnerability 

The mind-gut functions and connections’ existence weren’t known, until the advent of technological advancement in the medical sector. But from innovations, the hospital doctors started to research the reason behind the brain disorders. The invention of the existence of microbes helped the researchers research the brain capacity and the dysfunctions. The concept and the reason for the higher risk of mental disorders are due to the low diversity of the microbial functionality in the brains. For a conscious brain to work, a high level of mind-gut connection and microbes are needed to perform their functions. The low diversity functions will result in disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and autism-related disorders.  

5 Insights Aspiring Nurses Can Get From Emeran Mayor's "The Mind-Gut Connection"

Nursing Laws in Australia 

If someone wants to pursue their nursing education, then Australia is the best place for it. The opportunities for nursing education are booming and have many open seats for everyone to join. The medical board known as the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) looks after the enrolment of nurse practitioners and doctors. The board runs under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. It regulates the functions and the authorization of the nursing staff. The NMBA board has announced various types of nursing professions. NMBA is responsible for the acts of nurses and limits their scope of duty and their authority. 

The lined professions by the NMBA are Nurse practitioners, Clinical nurse specialists, Certified Nurse-Midwives, Certified Nurse Anesthetists, Advanced nurse practitioners. All these things are related to the nursery professions. The nursery license first starts with an enrolled nurse where the nurse will pursue a Diploma in nursing, and a Registered nurse where the nursing student will be registered under the NMBA, lastly the nurse practitioners who require masters in nursing and must have thorough knowledge in acute and chronic diseases. 


The gut reacts to stress and pressures

Since the gut and the microbes are responsible for emotional reactions, there are chances for the same gut and the microbes to go wild due to emotional pressures which cause many psychological syndromes and disorders. With the advent of psychological incidents, the human brain organizes a coordinated response for the optimization of well being and survival capability. The brain will release a chemical master called Corticotropin-Releasing Factor (CRF) that onsets the stress-emotional reactions. The stress-inducing hormones are created by hypothalamus on the adjacent parts of the brain. Stressful CRF results in the secretion of stress hormones. The process of the hormone secretion also impacts the guts microbial where the composition and the activities of the gut will change automatically. Preparing your mind and body for a healthy lifestyle is only done when you know how your body works.


Emotions are closely related to the gut 

Emotional development plays a significant role for every person including old people as it is an important function of the gut-mind connection. The emotional role is where the person, during some situations, will express emotional feelings. Those emotional feelings were the result of traumatized events that happened before him. Since these traumatized events initiate a reflection on his face, the emotional reactions will change his body reactions as well, and the body hormones will be secreted differently. For old people, understanding the gut-mind connection is important as well, because knowing about it helps them live longer. The emotional response starts from the brain and ends in the gastrointestinal tract all the way, transferring the feelings and the emotions. The CRF plays a vital role in retracting and condensing the GI according to various emotions. 

5 Insights Aspiring Nurses Can Get From Emeran Mayor's "The Mind-Gut Connection"

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5 Insights Aspiring Nurses Can Get From Emeran Mayor's "The Mind-Gut Connection"

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5 Insights Aspiring Nurses Can Get From Emeran Mayor's "The Mind-Gut Connection"


Dr. Emeran Mayer strongly proved his stand on the relation between the gut and the brain, where the connection influences the movement and the changes in the human body. The gut is important in human life for the reaction and the response process. The gut plays a role starting from our childhood to our old age, which includes various changes in the human interaction response.


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