5 Items to Recycle Now

Guest Post by Lauren Byrd

Recycling is a very important aspect of green living.

Green living isn’t just about practicing sustainable choices at home – it is about taking care

of our environment as a whole.

Recycling helps us save resources and send less trash to the landfills.

It also helps reduce pollution, and saves us energy and money.

Here are some items you should definitely be recycling.

1. Aluminum Cans

5 Items to Recycle Now

Many people keep a dedicated trash can specifically for aluminum cans.

They are actually 100 percent recyclable and can be recycled over and over again.

If you aren’t recycling aluminum – you definitely should be!

You can also earn cash for recycling aluminum cans.

2. Cardboard Boxes
5 Items to Recycle Now

Cardboard is naturally biodegradable, so it is a good idea to recycle cardboard instead of putting

it in the trash.

Cardboard is normally bought and sold in bulk.

Many people still use cardboard boxes for packing and moving, and businesses also use them

for shipping.

Next time a package is shipped to your office or home, make sure to break the box down

and recycle it.

3. Tires

5 Items to Recycle Now

Tires are actually among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to the large

volume of tires that are produced.

Some U.S. states actually allow tires to be dropped off at landfills, many cities have recycling

centers, and several tire companies offer tire recycling for a small fee.

Recycled tires actually end up turning into playground covers, ground rubber, and building


4. Glass

5 Items to Recycle Now

Like aluminum, glass is endlessly recyclable. Most glass bottles and jars produced in the

United States now contain at least 27% recycled glass.

Recycling just one glass bottle actually saves enough electricity to light a 100-watt light

bulb for four hours.

5. Electronics

5 Items to Recycle Now

Did you know that electronics can be recycled?

If recycled properly, electronic waste is a very valuable source of many different


Best Buy offers free and easy recycling at all stores nationwide.

Instead of just tossing your old television that doesn’t work – recycle it!


About the Author:
Lauren is a contributing writer and media specialist for Mavis Discount Tire. She regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle blogs based on sustainable living, as well as driver safety and auto tips.

Do you and your family recycle regularly?

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