5 Natural Herbs for Hair Growth and Thick Long Hair

Perhaps you’ve just decided that longer and thicker hair is way cooler than short hair and now you want to grow your hair back after you’ve shortened it. There are a lot of ways to increase hair growth. You can resort to hair-growing products. However, they can be a bit expensive. One of the best natural ways to grow your hair fast is to use herbs for hair growth.

Natural herbs are medicinal products that come from raw plant materials like flowers, roots, wood, peel, or seeds. Over the years, these herbs that have been graced to us have made such a huge difference to everyone because of their benefits to the body. One of their benefits is to make your hair healthy.


“The following natural herbal remedies

are known to be the best herbs 

to use if you want to make your

hair grow faster.


Ginkgo Biloba

5 Natural Herbs for Hair Growth and Thick Long Hair

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This wonderful herb is one of its kind because of its ability to cure several conditions. Since time immemorial, this herb has been used for different purposes, including as a remedy for hair loss. A lot of research studies prove that this medicinal plant brings out a positive result if you are trying to grow your hair. As a matter of fact, the extract of this herb is usually included in hair oils to strengthen and grow the hair.

The great thing about this plant is that it serves as a great help especially for the elderly who experience hair thinning and alopecia. It can also cure male baldness of different kinds. When this plant is used along with other herbs, it can also cure a lot of hair problems.

Apart from the fact that it could help you grow your hair fast, this herb is also considered an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and poor blood circulation to the body and brain.



5 Natural Herbs for Hair Growth and Thick Long Hair

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Famous for its kitchen uses, this natural herb is also popular for its benefits to the hair health. It has a woody and evergreen-like fragrance that helps improve brain function and neurological function. When a rosemary plant is applied to the scalp, it stimulates hair growth. Research says that this herb could even prevent baldness to develop. It also slows the graying process of the hair. Not only that. If you are someone who has been stressing out about your dandruff and dry scalp problems, an application of rosemary herb will solve them all.

A researcher named Francesc Casado Galera conducted a hair lotion test and he found out that a mixture of swetia, hops, and rosemary could increase new hair growth for up to 22.4%. He also proved that the mixture encourages rapid hair growth, increases microcirculation of the scalp, and decreases hair loss.


Stinging Nettle

5 Natural Herbs for Hair Growth and Thick Long Hair

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Stinging nettle is considered one of the best herbs to ever exist if you want to improve your hair growth and hair thickness. Its actions include preventing the growth and development of hormones that are responsible for hair loss. There are a lot of nutritional supplements which have stinging nettle as an ingredient and they can be bought in most health food stores all around the world.

You can use stinging nettle as an oil if you want it to be your medicinal herb of choice for hair growth. Just apply it directly to your scalp by taking a cup of olive oil and adding fresh stinging leaves to it. Next, cover it tightly and let it remain for about three weeks in a dry and cool place. Apply this oil regularly and you will see some great improvement towards your hair growth goal.



5 Natural Herbs for Hair Growth and Thick Long Hair

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This natural herb is popular for its skin benefits as this is extensively included in beauty product ingredients and for good reason. But, what it’s most recognized of is its ability to solve all your hair problems. It has the ability to promote fast and healthy hair growth by stimulating the blood circulation along the scalp. In view of the fact that it contains proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells on the scalp, it is no wonder why many people want to see this herb included in the list of ingredients on their favorite shampoos and conditioners.

This herb also brings out smooth and shiny hair and even prevents itching on the scalp and dandruff. You can resort to this herb if you want to make your hair growth process faster. Just add a pure aloe vera gel to your scalp and do it regularly.

Another way to use this herb is to rinse it with aloe water. You can also do this regularly. When you mix aloe vera gel with coconut milk, it is even more effective for hair growth.

Aside from its ability to make your hair grow faster, it also helps treats diabetes and constipation because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties.



5 Natural Herbs for Hair Growth and Thick Long Hair

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When used as a means to improve hair growth, lavender can do its task effectively. It is noted to be a great help if you want to stop your hair from falling. It is also a great aid for hair loss or alopecia. Because of the many wonders that lavender does to the hair, it is often included in the ingredients on hair formulas for all types of hair and scalp conditions.

Aside from its hair health uses, this herb is also known for its calming effect on the senses. It also relieves headache and tension which are two of the reasons why a person develops hair loss and other hair problems.


Additional Ways to Grow Your Hair Fast

5 Natural Herbs for Hair Growth and Thick Long Hair

1.Cleanse and treat your scalp regularly.

2.Follow a clean and balanced diet.

3.Limit your use of hair styling tools.

4.Shampoo your hair two to three times a week.

5.Include a vitamin in your routine.


You can make your hair grow faster by resorting to different products, but it is good to try natural herbs first because they are, after all, natural and free from chemicals that could hinder the best results for your hair. These healthy, natural hair care tips are very similar to a good curly girl method which emphasizes using gentle, nourishing hair care products, avoiding sulfates, silicones, styling tools and heavy manipulation of the hair.


5 Natural Herbs for Hair Growth and Thick Long Hair

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