Many stylists declare hair extension as a woman’s best friend, and I couldn’t agree more, especially if your hair lacks volume or length. The extra volume, natural look, and beautiful texture and tone of Remy human hair extensions are sure to boost your self-esteem and confidence. Extensions enhance your overall beauty and just make you feel good. But with so many types of hair extensions out there, many women find it challenging to choose the best option for their needs.

I have been using hair extensions for almost 10 years now, and I’ve tried virtually all types of extensions, including clip-ins, sew-ins, and tape-ins. My experience with clip-in extensions has been the best so far, and I always recommend them to other women.



Read on to find out why I always use clip-in human hair extensions.

1. Temporary and Easy to Apply

Remy clip-in hair extensions look natural and come with multiple benefits, but the number one reason why I like these extensions is that they are temporary and easy to install. This gives me the freedom to wear different hairstyles on different occasions. You can apply them within a matter of minutes and transform them into beachy waves, a low pony, braid, half-up style, and more. On top of that, clip-in hair extensions are a cinch to remove—you can take them out yourself without having to ask anyone for help.

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2. Multiple Options and Versatility

While there are several different types of clip-in hair extensions, human hair has always been the way to go in my experience. These look and feel natural, and are available in numerous colors, hair types, volumes, length, and weight. This makes it easy to pick extensions that match your hair color and texture, as well as other physical features like the shape of your face and height. No matter what color you choose, a clip-in extension is sure to add volume and length to your hair.

There are black clip-in hair extensions, brown extensions, blond extensions, red extensions, and more. These options allow me to wear varying tones and shades to transform my look and stand out on different occasions. The bonus: you can wear clip-in extensions with braids and get a stunning look with the extra length and volume.


3. Low Maintenance

The best clip-in extensions are made of 100 percent, real Remy human hair. I like these because they’re low maintenance, and you can treat them just like your natural hair – a fair trade-off for the price. Also, you don’t need to go to a stylist to install and remove your clip-in extensions, because you can do it yourself at home.

Unlike most types of extensions, clip-ins don’t need special care. And you don’t have to wear them at all times because you can easily remove them whenever you want a break. Since you’ll take them out regularly, they’ll last longer and require only occasional washing.

5 Reasons Why I Use Clip-in Hair Extensions

4. Natural Look and Comfortable to Wear

We all want our hair extensions to look natural and be comfortable to wear. This is where Remy clip-in human hair extensions have us covered! Extensions made of real, pure Remy hair look absolutely natural and stunning. Made of full, smooth, and thick human hair, these extensions will blend perfectly with your natural hair, so much so that nobody will be able to tell if you’re wearing an extension.

The high-quality, discreet clips will hold the extensions firmly in place, making you feel comfortable. The longer, voluminous, and thicker hair and secure clips will give you the appearance and confidence needed to turn heads.


5. Safe and Less Stressful

Since clip-in extensions are available in multiple options, you can easily choose one that suits your hair. Volume and length are two crucial factors that determine the extension’s weight. If your hair is weak or thin, you can opt to go with a light extension (lower in volume or length) so that it doesn’t apply stress to your natural hair. By doing so, you can rest assured that your hair won’t be damaged.

Also, the application process for clip-in extensions doesn’t involve the use of adhesives, tapes, glues, or heating tools. This means your natural hair is safe from the damages associated with the use of chemicals and adhesives.

With all these compelling benefits of clip-in extensions, I never hesitate to recommend this option to other women. Give these extensions a shot to see and feel the difference for yourself!


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Guest post by Kyyra


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