There is absolutely no dispute about the fact that the problem of alcoholism among teens is growing rapidly in every country across the world. One of the most important reasons for that is the easy availability of alcohol in the market. In fact, it’s consumed by people at all the important festivals, social functions and family events including birthday parties, marriages and marriage anniversaries, and dinner parties etc.

Though it is true that alcohol is consumed by people in social gatherings and festivals, it does not mean, it’s not harmful to your body. It’s completely correct that if consumed once in a while in limited quantities, it won’t have any serious consequences for your health, however, if you break that limit, it can prove to be the worst thing for you.

People who consume it only during a social gathering, won’t be affected by it much, however, those who consume it regularly may soon become alcohol addicts.


“The problem of alcoholism

among teens is growing rapidly in

every country across the world.”


If you really care about the future of your teen daughter and son, try to keep them away from alcohol. It’s quite natural that when you consume it in your house in front of your teenager son and daughter, they will surely feel the urge to try it. Moreover, because they see you consuming alcohol, it becomes really difficult for them to understand its negative consequences. Therefore, it’s important that you stop consuming it in front of your son/daughter.

Sometimes, it happens that your son/daughter start consuming it with their friends and you fail to understand that in the beginning. However, if they continue to consume it for a long time, it converts them into addicts.

If your son/daughter has also become an alcohol addict, here are some important tips to deal with them.

#1. Have Polite Conversations

5 Tops Tips To Deal With Alcoholic Teens

It’s very important that you have a polite conversation with your child if he/she has become an alcohol addict. Rather than showing your anger and frustration to them, it’s always better to remain calm while talking to them. You need to tell them about the harmful impact of addiction so that they can try to overcome their problem.

Make sure that you tell them everything in detail so that they can think about stopping the consumption of alcohol.

#2. Make Them Believe That They Have A Problem

5 Tops Tips To Deal With Alcoholic Teens

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As responsible parents, it’s your responsibility to make your child believe that they have a problem. Once your child understands that he/she has a problem, he/she will surely try to recover from this problem. But in order to make them believe that they have a serious problem, you have to put in a lot of efforts. You need to talk to them frequently about alcoholism and its brutal consequences. Once your child understands it, he/she will surely work towards treating his problem.

#3. Ask Your Child To Take Professional Help

5 Tops Tips To Deal With Alcoholic Teens

If you think that your son/daughter can’t recover from this problem without a professional help, then try to persuade them to go for a suitable treatment. On of the best places to treat such problems is an , wherein the patient gets to work with competent therapists and counsellors to heal the illness. The best part of curing alcoholism in a rehabilitation centre is that your son will get a chance to express his problem and feelings to a therapist or a counsellor who eventually designs a perfect treatment plan to treat his addiction.

When your child is guided by skilled and experienced counsellors and therapists they easily recover from their problem. All they have to do is take their treatment and recovery process seriously by following the advice of their counsellors. Once your child goes through group counselling or one-on-one counselling, his attitude towards life starts changing in a big way. He starts understanding the importance of living a healthy life, which proves to be really helpful for him.

#4. Tell Your Child To Carry Out Creative Activities

5 Tops Tips To Deal With Alcoholic Teens

If you want your son/daughter to live a happy and healthy life, convince them to carry out creative activities like singing, dancing, painting, and writing etc., which can keep them busy like anything.

#5. Spend Quality Time With Your Child After Treatment

5 Tops Tips To Deal With Alcoholic Teens

If your son/daughter has undergone an inpatient program, you need to make sure that once they return back to home after treatment you start spending more time with them. Mostly what happens is when parents are really busy in their own lives, they don’t have sufficient time to spend with their children, which creates a gap in their relationship.

In addition to that, they don’t even have time to keep a track of their child’s habits and day to day activities, which creates a lot of problems later on. However, when you begin to spend more time with your loved one, you begin to understand their feelings in a much better way. This makes it easier for you to guide them effectively when it comes to living a healthy life.

In short, make sure that after your son or daughter’s treatment, you spend more quality moments with them so that they won’t have any free time to consume alcohol again.



If your son/daughter has also become an alcohol addict, here are some important tips to deal with them. #addiction #parenting

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