5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

Often termed as pressure ulcers, bed sores or pressure sores, these are formed when the

soft tissue in your skin incessantly presses against hard surfaces for prolonged hours.

What happens next is that the reduced amount of pressure in those areas and the lack

of blood damages the tissues or causes it to die.


5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

As a result, pressure sores are formed.

1.     Position Yourself Properly

5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

Remember the time when you were young and your parents always ordered you to sit

as straight as possible?

It turns out that there was a valid reason for it.

as the body

feels weight and strain on some parts.

The results, of course, are sores in the back that may take only a few minutes to begin

but months to recover from.

5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

If you don’t want to put your body in such pain, here are some positioning tips you may

consider, especially if you your job includes sitting at the desk for 8+ hours straight.

*Whether sitting or bedridden, make it habit to shift your position after every few hours

to minimize the chances of numbness.

5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

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*When you realize you have been sitting for too long, do some lift ups so that your body

doesn’t go into sleep mode.

*Relieve pressure from your back by placing a cushion.

When used frequently, they relieve pressure and ensure you maintain a well balanced

sitting position.

5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

*Opt for specialty mattresses if you have recently started to experience pain.

*Elevate your bed slightly so that it can prevent shearing.

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2.     Inspect Your Skin

5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

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Another helpful way to prevent pressure sores from developing is by identifying the affected

areas at the earliest.

This will require you to inspect your skin and look for points where the skin has hardened or

the tissues beneath the skin have started to ache as these are 2 early signs of pressure sores.

If such is the case, it is best to keep the area moisturized and clean.

3.     Eat Healthy

5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

A healthy and well balanced diet is the key to maintaining health.

The right amount of nutrients in your diet keeps the blood in your body flowing smoothly and

gushing through your veins with no fat hindering its flow.

Secondly, when trying to prevent pressure sores, keeping yourself hydrated is also an important step.

The more your skin stays hydrated, the healthier it stays.

4.     Stay Active

5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

The topmost reason for bed sores is the lack of mobility.

It is a key factor as it causes your joints to be in continuous stress, preventing them from functioning

properly over time.

However, this won’t happen if the person stays active.

Regular exercise, be it only for 20 minutes a day, can greatly prevent pressure sores from developing.

Daily activity helps maintain a healthier skin and reduces the chances of getting pressure sores.

5.     Using Pressure-Redistributing Aids

5 Tricks to Prevent Pressure Sores

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Lastly, you can also use pressure redistributing equipment to prevent pressure sores.

, are great to keep the aches and sores minimal and to lessen the

pressure on your targeted areas.

It serves two very distinct purposes.

First, it provides comfort and second, it redistributes the pressure away from the affected area.

Patients who are at a higher risk of developing pressure sores due to some disability can make

efficient use of medical sheepskin before it’s too late.


Have you or a loved one suffered from pressure sores?

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