Each person on this planet should strive to replace bad habits with good and healthy ones. Consuming the right foods is one of the key ways to improve your immune system and overall health. Because of that, keeping pests away from your kitchen should be one of the main priorities. You will have to struggle with different issues like wasp removal and similar things. Fortunately, Mother Nature gave us some gifts that we can use to keep our kitchen clean.

We will let you decide on the cleaning equipment alone. However, it is recommendable that you do not use unreliable substances to finish this type of job. That’s why we want to talk about different types of natural oils that will remove pests from your kitchen.



Geranium & Lemongrass & Clove Essential Oils for Wasp Removal

5 Types of Natural Oils That Will Keep Pests Away from Your Kitchen

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Wasp removal is going to be one of the toughest challenges for you. We are sure you will find different ways to keep them away from your kitchen. Unfortunately, most of the products that you can find in the stores are toxic. Because of that, you should chase those solutions that won’t be harmful to your overall health.

The recipe for creating the perfect natural oil is not as tough as you might think. Add a few drops of each essential oil – lemongrass, geranium and clove – in the water and add the dish soap to make the wasp removal tool even more effective. Because of its properties, it gives additional strength to water when getting through the exoskeleton of the wasp. If you want to use the properties of dish soap to the fullest, we recommend you use a hose-end sprayer. That will allow you to use the strong stream of water and get the desirable results.

Anyway, the biggest question of all is where you should spay the oil mixture. It is recommendable that you do that in the coating areas outside your house. These are the places where wasps like to build up a nest. For instance, you should spay it on the porch roofs, under eaves, and other similar places. Despite that, it is recommendable that you research all the areas around the kitchen carefully. You might find some places where wasps made a nest in the past. Even if they are not there, spay the area in case the wasps come back.

Unfortunately, when the wasps enter your home, things become more complex. You can’t work on their removal without certain knowledge and proper equipment. That is the reason why collaborating with a would be a smart move. It is a practical solution that will keep you completely safe. The professionals that are dealing with such an issue possess everything they need to remove them properly.


Lemon Eucalyptus Oil & Tea Tree Oil for Ants 

5 Types of Natural Oils That Will Keep Pests Away from Your Kitchen

Despite wasp removal, dealing with ants is another problem you may have in the kitchen. That especially counts when we talk about summer months. Fortunately, two types of eco-friendly oils will help you saturate the ants.

Tea tree oil is the first option that you have. Believe it or not, only 10 drops of oil will solve your problem. Logically, you should mix them with 2 cups of water and use them as a spray. However, if that method does not seem good enough for you, cotton balls may be a more attractive solution. Some people choose to add the oil onto the cotton balls and place them on all areas where ants are present

There is one thing that we need to mention here. It might happen that the scent of your mixture will be too strong. The scent itself is not going to be harmful to your overall health. However, it can be annoying and that is the reason why you should mix it with peppermint oil.

On the other hand, lemon eucalyptus oil is also a good choice because it contains citronella. It is the same ingredient that candles contain to keep flying bugs away. Fortunately, its effect can also be good for ant removal.


Neem Oil for Cockroach Removal

5 Types of Natural Oils That Will Keep Pests Away from Your Kitchen

It is not a secret that neem is a perfect natural ingredient for different purposes. Fortunately, it can also help you remove pests from their kitchen. The problem with cockroaches is something people often have to deal with during the summer. The kitchen is a perfect spot for them because it is dark, cold, and full of food.

Using neem is possible in several different ways, but it is recommendable you use it as oil. Get a glass of water and add a small amount of neem oil. After that, put it in a spray bottle and cover all the places where you have seen cockroaches. It is recommendable that you repeat the same process at least once a week.

If it seems like a better solution, you can use neem powder, just make sure to repeat the process twice a day.


Peppermint Oil for Rodent Removal

5 Types of Natural Oils That Will Keep Pests Away from Your Kitchen

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Having rodents in your kitchen can be a huge problem. Despite the potential health problems they can bring, mice and other rodents can cause property damage. Because of that, it is recommendable you find the best possible way to keep them away.

In this case, peppermint oil is the healthiest solution you have. Despite that, it is also an environmentally-friendly option. You do not have to worry about the security of your children and pets. The oil is nontoxic and it serves as a perfect protector.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Fly Removal 

5 Types of Natural Oils That Will Keep Pests Away from Your Kitchen

A huge number of flies is always going to be present near the food. They are probably the most annoying pest you can find in the kitchen. The solution does not come in the form of an oil. However, apple cider vinegar is the healthiest solution you have.

Believe it or not, flies adore the scent of vinegar and apple. That is the reason why you should mix the vinegar with a natural liquid soap in a bowl. The aroma will attract them. However, they will remain trapped on the surface because of the properties that liquid soap has.


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