5 Ways That Cycling Is A Green Lifestyle

There are lots of ways to be healthy, eat well, and get fit.

Most people think that dieting and running are the main ways to do that, however, there’s another

form of exercise you can do to be fit and healthy: cycling.

5 Ways That Cycling Is A Green Lifestyle

Cycling works out your muscles, increases your endurance, and even makes your heart healthy.

There are so many that go deeper than heart health and being fit.

You make your emotional and mental state healthier, as well as your organs, and you increase

your metabolism.

1. You’re Going Green

5 Ways That Cycling Is A Green Lifestyle

By riding a bike, you are being green to the Earth.

You are not adding toxins into the environment, and you are not contributing to polluting your

neighborhood and city.

When riding a bike, you can even commute to work.

“Commuting to work may take practice,

but it’s well worth the outcome of being

green and saving our planet.”


Commuting to work on a bike is much more rewarding than by car.

You go the distance, you test yourself and your body, and you increase what you are capable of doing.


Riding your bike to work will also decrease the amount of money you spend on your car for fuel, parts,

and repairs.

The money you save is money that can be used for future purchases or saved away for a rainy day.

2. Plastic Reduction

5 Ways That Cycling Is A Green Lifestyle

This is true.

By biking to work, you use a reusable water bottle and most bikers pack their own lunch,

especially to stay on track with their diet or fit life plans.

Using a reusable water bottle keeps plastic bottles out of landfills to just sit and cause

extra waste.

Too many bottles are used each year.

“By packing your own lunch,

you can control how much plastic

you contribute to the landfills.”


If you have a sandwich, maybe wrap it in a cotton sandwich pouch.

Bring an apple instead of slice fruit in a plastic bag, and use a reusable lunch bag, not a paper

or plastic bag.

The little things matter, and what you decide to do, matter.


Reducing just a little plastic is a big help to the Earth, and you can feel proud in taking such a big

step in the right direction.

Reusable water bottles, cotton pouches for food, and whole fruits are a great way to reduce the

plastic in the environment around you.

3. Less Stress = Healthy Body

5 Ways That Cycling Is A Green Lifestyle

Stress can cause a lot of cortisol buildup and make you retain weight, breakout, and even affect

your mental and physical health.

By cycling, you are able to reduce your stress, biking in nature helps you to relax and enjoy yourself.

“Cycling can also be a healthy way to

reduce stress levels and naturally

dispel cortisol from the body.”


Cortisol can be a toxic chemical if your body has too much of it.

Keep stress at a minimal by cycling and enjoying what your city has to offer.


Biking in nature is also a great way to free yourself from the confines of a tight city atmosphere.

Get out in the countryside, on the shore, or in the mountains for a nice bike ride that will ease your

stress and make you healthy.

4. Hydration

5 Ways That Cycling Is A Green Lifestyle

Drinking plenty of water is a vital part of cycling and being healthy.

Using your reusable bottle, you are able to fill up at fountains, most fast food restaurants, and

even at most food carts or trucks.


Staying hydrated is one reason, but it’s also recommended to drink a lot of water when you are

watching your weight or dieting.

“Cycling will help you to continuously

drink water that will help your weight,

keep you hydrated, and increase

your metabolism.”


Water is an important filter for your body.

It hydrates your body, which takes care of your organs, and expels excess sugar and salts from

your body along with other excess minerals and lingering toxins.

5. Local Businesses Instead Of Corporations

5 Ways That Cycling Is A Green Lifestyle

When being a bike rider, you have the ability to shop at two places.

You can either go to a large, brand name store that has everything you could ever want for your bike

and gear, or you can shop at a local shop in your area that puts money back into the community.

This is important for a green community.

“The more you shop local, the more

money is put back into the community

for other local businesses, schools,

roads, and parks.”


By riding your bike and getting your gear and bike accessories locally, you are able to help the

community in a better way.

5 Ways That Cycling Is A Green Lifestyle

Corporations put money back into their corporations, but small businesses actually do the economy

and communities good.

They produce local funds to improve neighborhood and city conditions, as well as provide support

and get involved with the community.


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I’m Denise and I’m a mountain biker who enjoys cross-country biking all around the world. I worked as a trainer for 6 years before becoming a co-founder of a private biking lessons school to teach people how to properly train and ride bikes to prepare them for cross-country and any activities they want to indulge in. I’m also a co-founder of MountainBikeEZ.


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