5 Ways Natural Resin Benefits Your Body

Everyday we read about some new ‘superfood’ or miracle ingredient that’s going to provide everything we need for optimal health and wellness. Many of the reports provide conflicting information, and often what’s ‘in’ today is ‘out’ tomorrow. The best way to counter this phenomenon is to investigate health and nutrition information from a variety of reliable sources, including qualified nutritionists and health professionals, and then decide what’s best for you. Recent buzz centers around resin, a natural substance that’s found in plants and trees. The mineral resin that’s all the current rage has been used for thousands of years as a compound in Ayurvedic medicine and nutrition, and now it has made its way West.

Here are some of the facts we’ve found, as well as five health benefits attributed to natural resin.

What Is Resin?

5 Ways Natural Resin Benefits Your

You may be familiar with resin in its most basic form if you’ve ever encountered an injured tree, most notably pines or other coniferous varieties. It’s the thick, sticky substance that runs down the bark from places where the meat of the trunk has been penetrated. However, the kind of resin that’s used for health and nutrition is called shilajit, and it’s a different type than common tree sap. It’s derived from a plant that grows mainly in the regions India, China and Tibet that border the Himalayas, and it’s considered one of the most potent energizers and anti-aging compounds known to man. Shilajit contains more than 85 trace minerals, vitamins, fulvic acid and other essential phyto-nutrients. This is how it contributes to better health and vitality:

Builds and Repairs Healthy Tissue

5 Ways Natural Resin Benefits Your

As we age, our cells regenerate at a much slower pace. Regular use of shilajit has been shown to increase the speed of cellular regeneration in injured bones and muscles up to four times faster. This is especially important if you are athletic or have a chronic condition that inhibits your ability to heal. The same studies also concluded that it doubles the absorption rate of nourishment by vital organs.

Natural Performance Enhancer and Energizer

5 Ways Natural Resin Benefits Your

Due to the density of the nutrients contained in shilajit, in combination with its ability to act on a cellular level, it increases energy production while improving sustainability. This, in turn, improves stamina and reduces recovery time after workouts. However, performance isn’t just a physical thing; shilajit also increase the small molecules in testosterone that affect memory and concentration. These molecules, called dibezno-alpha-pyrones, prevent the breakdown of the chemicals in the brain that affect memory, In addition, fulvic acid is shown to inhibit some of the proposed causes of Alzheimer’s disease.

Weight Management

5 Ways Natural Resin Benefits Your

Weight management is partially about control controlling cravings and the spikes in blood sugar levels that cause them, and this substance has been found to be a reliable stabilizing agent. Shijalit also assist in the efficiency of the digestive system and provides a solid foundation for healthy weight management.

Elevates Immune Response
5 Ways Natural Resin Benefits Your

Because shilajit improves the body’s response to environmental and metabolic stressors, it elevates your ability to create healthy immune response to factors like inflammation while it wards off oxidation. These are two critical factors in the development of many health problems, including arthritis and cancer.

Improves Bone, Blood and Heart Health
5 Ways Natural Resin Benefits Your

The cellular regeneration qualities of shilajit extend to the creation of bone marrow, and it also improves hematopoiesis in the blood system. The anti-oxidant properties protect the heart and help reverse the effects of cardiovascular disease while repairing damage to heart tissue.

also include:

– improving mental clarity, memory and concentration

– promoting emotional stability and feelings of well-being

– increasing the ability to tolerate environmental, mental and emotional stress

– slowing the aging process

If you’re considering shilajit, try to find it in it’s most pure and natural state. Powdered forms of this vital nutrient are generally synthetic or low-quality substitutes. Look for products like Pürblack that are processed by reputable companies in an unadulterated, live state for optimal benefits. The best places to look are in your local health and nutrition or organic food store and online.

True nourishment is about an integration of the mind, body and spirit. The more you know about nutrition and how the body and mind work together, the more enabled you are to devise a health regimen that’s beneficial for your overall physical requirements and emotional well-being. Online resources like https://purblack.com and other health and wellness websites provide valuable information for people like you who are looking for new ways to maximize their health and improve their mental and emotional state.


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