During the pandemic, many are finding themselves spending more time at home than they normally would. Canceled are the vacations. Postponed are the family get-togethers. Delayed is the start of the school year. While all of your plans may have been deferred, it’s still possible to have a fun and rejuvenating summer. Just remember to beat the heat the best you can while you’re staying in.



Home, Sweet Temperate Home

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

Just this past month, record-breaking heatwaves plagued the South. Excessive hot temperatures and high humidity in Louisiana and Florida made it next to unbearable to go outside. In the Southwest, temperatures soared, and in Palm Springs, California, there was a record high temperature of 121 degrees Fahrenheit. Never has it been more important to make sure that your family’s air conditioning is up to snuff. Window units rarely cut it. While central (anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000), installation is well worth the cost. In fact, an efficient air conditioner is the best way to prevent heat-induced illnesses and even fatalities.

Not only that, but air conditioners circulate and filter air, an important function especially in high pollution areas. Before the next heatwave hits your state, make sure that your A/C is in good condition. Whether you need, WA or , quality service is available. The right technician can help make sure that your unit works efficiently for years to come. Additionally, many technicians work with boilers and furnaces. If you find a company that suits your needs, your home will stay temperate and comfortable in every season.


Chill Out in Bed

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

A little thought of trick to keeping cool is to make sure that your bedding and pillows are designed to disperse heat. Opt for a memory foam pillow that utilizes cooling gel to keep you chill and sweat-free through the night. Ventilated pillows made of bamboo can also be an exceptional choice. Switch to thermoregulating sheets that feature moisture-wicking fabrics. These quality products will not only keep you cool, they’ll prevent you from blasting your A/C and increasing your electricity bill.

Cool as a Cucumber

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

In the middle of a heatwave, the last thing you want to do is spend your time in a hot kitchen. Stews and soups are fine for the fall, but they’re misery to cook in the summer. Keep your family cool with no-cook, fresh foods. Lightweight recipes that feature cucumbers and melons can be refreshing and cooling. Cold noodles and ceviche are an excellent alternative to warm dishes, as well! Branch out from your normal fare and incorporate raw veggies, as well. Not only will your family stay healthy, but your kitchen will stay chilled out.


Made in the Shade
5 Ways to Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

If your little ones are still stroller-aged, make sure that you’re equipping your umbrella stroller with protection against the heat of summer. Installing a fan on your stroller is a simple way to make sure your child is experiencing adequate airflow. While you’re improving your stroller’s infrastructure, consider installing a weather cover. You never know when a sudden rain shower may encroach on your afternoon walk through the park. Weather covers by are the best option to protect your little one in a sudden downpour.


Sink, Swim, or Float

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

The most tried and true way to stay cool with your family? Make your very own water park! And if you don’t have a pool? Never fear. There are so many other ways to have fun with water in your backyard. A slip ‘n slide is always a fun alternative to a backyard pool. You can go a little bigger with an ice activity table. Freeze some dinosaur toys in ice and place the toys in ice on an outdoor table. Your little ones can spend the day excavating the toys from their icy home.

Though coronavirus is keeping most of America cooped up this summer, there are plenty of ways to stay entertained at home. Hot temperatures require, however, a focus on keeping safe and cool.


What are your favorite tips for keeping your family cool during hot weather?

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