6 Cool Green Gardening Gadgets Showcased at CES 2015

Welcome to Spring!

It’s gardening time!

More and more people are becoming interested in growing their own fruits, vegetables, and

herbs at home.

You’ll see in the infographic below, that many of the green devices showcased at this year’s

Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) are perfect for beginner gardeners.

These devices can be very helpful to beginners who don’t know what the optimal growing

conditions are for certain plants.

For example, do you need to know how much water is required for growing tomatoes?

Not a problem.

Just add the appropriate data into the Edyn System and the recommendations you need will

appear for you to apply.

6 Cool, New, Green Gardening Gadgets Showcased at CES 2015 - Infographic

CES 2015 did not disappoint with a plethora of amazing products showcased by companies

from across the globe.

CES may be better-known for major announcements from big brands like Samsung and Apple,

but gardeners would be surprised to know that there are also plenty of innovative gardening gadgets

on offer as well.

In the following infographic by Organic Lesson, we show six great gadgets from CES 2015 that

are likely to have an impact on the eco-friendly gardening community in the upcoming years.

As you go through these gadgets, you will notice that there is a common function among them.

The major thing that should stand out to you is the use of cloud technology.

A lot of these devices are able to access real-time climate data through wireless technology to

help gardeners make smart, informed decisions on growing plants.


“These devices are able to access

real-time climate data through

wireless technology to help

gardeners make smart, informed

decisions on growing plants.”


For example, Flower Power H2O is a device that tracks a lot of factors that affect plant growth,

such as the soil nutrition level, soil moisture level, and air temperature.

6 Cool, New, Green Gardening Gadgets Showcased at CES 2015 - Infographic

Once this data is collected, the device is able to cross-reference this information with a huge

gardening database to alert users on taking specific actions.


“Is your plant not getting

enough water?

Is your plant not getting

enough natural sunlight?”


Devices like the Flower Power H2O can help identify and solve such issues.

As people become more conscious over major environmental issues, we can definitely expect interest

 in gardening to grow.

One of the biggest movements we are seeing in recent years is urban gardening.

More and more people who live in urban cities are seeing the value of gardening and these gardening

gadgets can only help in making the gardening experience more seamless.

I would love to use the Green Cube or 3D Hydroponics to create an indoor garden in my urban


The Green Cube is a contained hydroponics box that can grow vegetables year-round.

The boxes are stackable, so you can fit several of them in one room of a home.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

See which new gardening gadgets grab your interest!

Learn more about these innovative gardening tools and solutions by viewing the infographic below.

Then check out the sources at the bottom for more details about individual products.

CES 2015 Gardening Gadgets Infographic
Source: Organic


Which gardening gadgets are your favorites?

Which could you actually like to use in your own garden?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.