Green marketing is a type of social marketing that plans and implements all products, services and marketing activities according to the effect they can have on the environment and society as a whole.

In 2020, green marketing is used more than ever before. You’ve probably gotten dozens of emails from brands you’re subscribed to about what they are doing for the environment.

Sharing these efforts is important not only for attracting the attention of environmentally-aware (which was the case with green marketing in the previous decade), but for building an earth-friendly legacy that will set your company up for long-term success and sustainability. Here are some of the strategies that you can use:



6 Green Marketing Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust 

1. Avoid Ambiguous Claims

Choose to only provide claims about your products and services that can you can prove. Otherwise, in the eyes of consumers, you will be just another brand using green marketing without actually standing behind your words.

“One of the biggest issues in green marketing is false advertising. Marketers are still playing around with loose and ambiguous laws related to advertising bio and environment-friendly products. However, the consumer does not tolerate any kind of dishonesty and ambiguousness”, says writer Maya Geller.

6 Green Marketing Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust 

2. Reduce the Use of Single-Use Plastics

Reducing and ultimately refusing the use of single-use plastics is one of the most common green marketing moves companies are making today. However, what many marketers don’t talk about is that it’s indescribably harder for some industries to ditch plastics than in others.

For example, a farm might not have that much of a problem with giving up single-use plastics, but just imagine the turmoil that would cause in a retail store or a fast-food restaurant.

Of course, the more businesses ditch plastics, the better, but customers are more likely to appreciate the effort in businesses where this is a very important material.

6 Green Marketing Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust 

3. Organize Green Events

Show your customers that your brand is social and exists together with the community as its important part. If you’re a local business, throwing a gathering, event or a party in celebration of Earth Day or some other international day for raising awareness about environmental issues.

“Events are always a good way to get the word out there, regardless of what kind of business you run. If you want to promote the message that your business is sustainable and dedicated to helping the environment, an event that will be aligned with those values will do the trick”, says Adam Collins, a writer and marketer.

6 Green Marketing Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust 

4. Donate to Environmental Causes

Doing green marketing is not for profit, but unfortunately, money is usually the only way to really make a difference in today’s society. If you want to make far-reaching changes and help the society, your country, city or just your neighborhood make the shift to a better tomorrow.

There are many organizations where you can make donations as a business and actually make a difference. Research them according to whether you want to donate to international organizations such as the United Nations or smaller, local movements.

6 Green Marketing Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust 

5. Get an Eco Label

If you’re selling products that are manufactured sustainably and with attention to the environment, you can get an eco label. This is a government-issued sign that your products have passed testing and manufacture monitoring and that they are really green.

This is just a label, but it will do wonders for the trust among your existing, new and potential customers. Generally, people have a very high level of trust for labels and certificates coming from a government assessment.

6 Green Marketing Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust 

6. Get an Endorsement

Just like all other things in marketing, reviews and endorsements are very influential in green marketing. If you manage to get an environmental activist to support your business and product brands, you will get massive acceptance and trust that would take you years to build up on your own.

To do this, you can cooperate with influencers on social media or reach out to bloggers that own websites about green living, sustainability and helping the environment.

Green living is a community, and breaking the outside barriers of this community as a business will give you a massive edge over your competitors.




Green marketing is definitely bound to become even more important as time goes by. People’s interest in environmental issues is finally on the rise, while companies and brands will have no choice but to adapt to their requirements.

Make sure your company is one of the first to implement smart green marketing strategies that will capture a loyal audience.


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