When the seasons change, homeowners face different challenges that renters can often ignore. If a pipe bursts when temperatures drop, a homeowner must pay to fix it, whereas a renter can get a maintenance staff member to take the problem away. When summer arrives, there’s lawn care to think about. You may not have the financial ability to pay a crew to do it for you.

Seasonal changes can be challenging, but they’re not impossible to get through. Homeowners just have to think a little outside the box sometimes in order to find the solution that’s right for them. You may need to spend an hour watching videos online to learn how to fix the broken pipe yourself, since not everything has to be fixed by a professional crew.


To make this year's #seasonal change from winter to spring easier on your #home, here are ways you can keep your home comfortable, so you don't have to give the #weather a second thought.Click To Tweet



To make this year’s seasonal change from winter to spring easier on your home, read up on ways you can keep your home comfortable, so you don’t have to give the weather a second thought. With a little planning and proactive measures, your home can glide through the seasons with ease and leave you with plenty of time to enjoy the fun that comes along with them.


1. Get Everyone Matching Gear

There’s something about matching clothes that’s adorable. People wear matching outfits with their kids and significant others just for a laugh or to make memories. While you can always get cute clothes and wear them out to eat together, you can also get matching gear to wear around your home that will keep you all comfortable.

Look around for a good, thick pair of socks that will help insulate your feet. While you may feel like a jacket will keep you warmer, you lose heat quickly through your feet, so your body temperature will stay more regulated with a good pair of socks. You can double up on foot protection by getting matching slippers, thick bathrobes and even indoor beanies. As the weather turns into spring, everyone can trade in their heavy clothes for identical mini fans and visors.

6 Ways to Keep Your Home Comfortable During Seasonal Changes

2. Invest in Heavy Curtains

Another challenge that homeowners face when the seasons shift is the constant battle against your windows. In the winter, you want to keep the blinds open to let in the sunlight, but that often means welcoming a cold draft too. When the weather warms up, the heat comes in too, even though you just want to see the sunshine and beautiful weather.

Take some time to shop for heavy curtains that can block out sunlight. In the winter, they’ll keep the cold drafts from invading your house so quickly, giving your heating unit some well-deserved time off. In the spring, you can time when you open and close them to keep your A/C in and the rising heat outside. While the idea of heavy curtains may not seem appealing, they come in many different fabrics and colors, so you can find the right ones that will look great in your house throughout the year.


Depending on where your #home is, how much it's exposed to the sun and how well it's #insulated, you could have a very different #seasonal experience than your neighbors.Click To Tweet



3. Apply New Window Tinting

Many homes now come with sunrooms, because they offer a nice way to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to bugs. You can use your sunroom during any time of the year, but the outside temperature greatly influences how the inside of your sunroom feels. No one wants to eat dinner or hang out with the family in a room that’s frigid or humid, no matter how nice the view is.

To be able to enjoy your sunroom more often, apply new window tinting. You’ll barely notice a difference in your view, but you’ll feel a big change when you step into the room. The tint will allow sunlight to pass through your glass windows or walls but keep it from escaping. That way, your sunroom will be insulated without having to increase your electric bill.


4. Keep the Garage Closed

The garage is not a naturally well insulated room, partially because one wall is a door. That means that cold and hot air will easily find its way into your garage, barreling into your home as soon as you walk outside. It’s a good idea to keep your exterior garage door closed as often as possible during seasonal changes. It steadies the temperature inside your garage, keeping the air in your home from fluctuating and saving you money. You can also use it as a kind of greenhouse, storing potted plants in it which would normally die when exposed to swinging degrees in temperature.

6 Ways to Keep Your Home Comfortable During Seasonal Changes

5. Pay Attention to the Thermostat

Once you find the sweet spot for your thermostat at the beginning of each season, it’s easy to forget about it and leave it on that setting for a long time. That all changes when the seasons start to shift. Pay attention to how often your thermostat kicks on as spring comes around this year. You’ll be able to tell when the heat stops coming on so often and when your home reaches higher temperatures that just aren’t comfortable. You’ll be able to set a better temperature for your home if you know what to set your thermostat at so it isn’t turning on and off all the time.


6. Embrace the Change

Every home reacts a little differently to changes in the seasons, so if you’re still relatively new to living in your home, it’s just going to take some time to find out how you and your family are most comfortable. Depending on where your home is, how much it’s exposed to the sun and how well it’s insulated, you could have a very different seasonal experience than even your next-door neighbor.

The key is to try out different ways to gauge how comfortable you can be in your home when you notice that things feel a little off. Start by buying extra thick socks, slippers and even hats to wear if you’re always cold. Getting new curtains is another way to change things up and see if it helps make your home a happier place to be as spring starts to arrive. If you try these methods and they don’t seem to work for you, talk with a professional about potentially tinting your windows. The right way to make your home comfortable may not be the first method you try, but given time, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.


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