7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

We have reached a brand new year.

For many people, the beginning of a new year means a packed schedule and not enough time

to attend to their health.

This is unfortunate as the health of your body should be the primary concern on every

person’s mind.

We need to take care of our bodies to ensure we do not fall victim to disease or infections.


“Caring for our bodies does not

only mean that we should eat healthy,

it also means that we need to

ensure we consume an adequate

amount of all nutrients, gain regular

exercise and do not expose our

bodies to harmful substances –

such as drugs, smoke, and alcohol.”


The combination of these elements can help you feel better, manage your weight, support

your immune system and live a healthy, longer and happier life.

We often find ourselves on a busy schedule that does not provide an adequate amount of time

to squeeze all of these into a single day.

This can cause our health to decline and may even lead to the development of certain diseases

and other issues.

Livestrong  that not consuming an adequate amount of nutrition can lead to excessive

weight loss, poor wound healing, a reduction in lean muscle mass and even more severe problems,

such as organ failure.

All of these factors can decrease a person’s lifespan unnecessarily.

7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

We’ve compiled a list of seven ways in which you can make 2017 the year that your health will

bloom better than any previous year.

From following the  to simply drinking more water, let’s take a look at what you

should do to be healthier this year.  


1.Have Some Water

7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

Water is life.

This is a sentence you’ve probably heard before, and it is true.

The  is made up of as much as 65% water.

This might be shocking, but science has proven it over-and-over – we need to feed our bodies

a significant amount of water every day to keep it healthy and to keep all biological processes

working regularly.

for cell health, tissue health and organ health.

It protects the spinal cord and joints, and it is used to regulate the body’s temperature.

The body also loses a lot of water throughout the day – digestion, breathing and sweating all

reduces the amount of water in the body.

Thus, you need to fill up all the time to make sure you have an adequate amount of water in your

body for all the functions that need water to work.


2.Hugs And Love

7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

This might be a surprising entry in our list of ways you can improve your health in 2017, but love

and hugs are two very powerful things.

Happyologist reports that when you hug someone that you love, your body releases oxytocin.

This substance acts like a hormone and improves your mood but also has many other positive

effects on your health.

They continue to report that oxytocin can reduce the levels of cortisol in your body, thus reducing

your stress levels and relieving symptoms of depression.

Depression can cause numerous , including fatigue, insomnia, pain and

weight gain.

In turn, these can all have a negative effect on your health as well.

This means that a simple hug can help reduce the effects of depression on your body and improve

your health.

Combined with some of the , this can surely be a mental booster – just be sure the

hug lasts for 20 seconds or longer.


3.Say No To Sugar

7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

Sugar is one of the tastiest things on earth.

We consume sugar through candy, food and even through several drinks.

Unfortunately, sugar is dreadful for your health and may lead to various health concerns.

Authority Nutrition reports that sugar is bad for your teeth, contains no nutrients, it overloads

your liver, it can make you eat more fat-promoting foods, and it is addictive.

Apart from these adverse effects, sugar has also been associated with an increased risk of being

diagnosed with cancer and type II diabetes.

WebMD  switching to Stevia and SweetLeaf instead of regular sugar.

These natural sugar substitutes are sweeter than sugar, but without the added health risks.


4.Stop The Nasty Habit Of Smoking

7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

If you smoke, then you should know that smoking is the leading cause of certain cancers.

Apart from the obvious fact that smoking is a direct cause of cancer, Health Line  that

smoking also causes poor vision, anxiety, coughing, blood clotting, blood vessel constriction,

high blood pressure, heart disease, wrinkly skin, stained teeth and much more.

All of these are awful for your health.

There are many ways in which you can stop smoking, and a large number of support groups

exists throughout the entire world that can help you out if you find it difficult to say no to a

cigarette finally.


5.Try Yoga

7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

Exercise forms an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but not everyone enjoys sweating it out

at the gym.

If you are one of those people who would rather stay home than taking an hour to go to the gym,

then why not give yoga a try.

Yoga has many benefits for your health.

The Yoga Journal  that frequently practicing yoga can improve your flexibility, improve

your posture, protect your spine, increase your blood circulation, drain your lymph nodes, boost

your immunity, prevent cartilage breakdown and even improve your bone health.

These are only some of the benefits that yoga has in store for you, plus there are many free videos

on the internet that show you exactly how to practice yoga without an expensive trainer.


6.Drink Some Red Wine

7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

Okay, we know that alcohol is said to be bad for you.

We hear it time and again.

The thing is, red wine has been scientifically proven to be good for you – but only in controlled doses,

so be sure limit yourself to one glass of red wine per day.

Medical Daily  that red wine can lower your blood pressure levels, burn excess fat, prevent

Alzheimer’s Disease from developing, improve heart health, act as an anti-cancer agent in your body

and reduce your risk of having a stroke.


7.Eat More Vegetables

7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

While to many, meat is a delicious food choice to have on your plate, you should know that vegetables

are the primary source of some essential nutrients that your body might be desperately asking for.

Reader’s Digest explains that some of the healthiest vegetables that you should include in your diet

include onions, corn, peas, kale, broccoli, red bell pepper, spinach, beets and Brussel sprouts.

A simple search on Google — or on this blog — will give you thousands of recipes to prepare delicious

meals with these vegetables.



7 Best Ways To Have Your Best Health In The New Year

Being healthy has many benefits.

From elevated energy levels to a lower chance of developing diseases.

It’s also easier to be more active when you are healthy due to increased stamina and an

overall good feeling.

We have shared seven excellent ways you can improve your health in 2017.

Make these healthy tips a habit to make this year the healthiest year of them all.


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