“I woke up on the wrong side of the bed”

This is a popular excuse when you feel grumpy and irritated and not in the mood for the day. The mood that you are in the morning is important as it will make or break your day. You can’t be productive if you are not in the right mood.

How do you create a happy day?

Place yourself in a happy perspective every morning. Boost your mood to invite positivity and happiness. Below are some of the tips that you can apply to ensure that you always wake up on the right side of the bed.


“Apply these healthy, happy tips

each morning and you will surely

have better days ahead.”


1. Drink a full glass of water within minutes of waking up.

7 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Mood Every Morning

Your body is naturally dehydrated after a long sleep. Make it a habit to drinking a full glass of water after you wake up to keep your body rehydrated. Drinking water within minutes of waking up also flushes out unwanted toxins out of your body. This makes you feel refreshed and provides more energy throughout the morning.

Most weight-watchers drink water after they wake up as it kicks your metabolism and increases the ability of your body to burn calories.  In addition, a glass of water right after waking up fuels your brain and makes you clear and sharp throughout the day.

2. Playing your favorite music.

7 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Mood Every Morning

Music is food for the soul. Listening to your favorite music in the morning will give you a boost of positivity. There’s nothing uplifting than belting out with your favorite artist or dancing to your favorite tune.

Music has its way of affecting your mood. It relieves stress and anxiety. If you wake up grumpy and irritated, just put your favorite song on repeat, close your eyes and listen to every word and feel every beat. It will instantly make you feel better.

Dancing with your favorite music also improves your circulation. As you begin to move with your favorite song, your heart beats faster and circulates blood much faster. A happy person can inflict that happiness to others.

3. Exercise Regularly

7 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Mood Every Morning

There is no doubt that regular exercise has a lot of benefits. Amongst its popular benefits are weight control, increase in flexibility and longevity, reduces your risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Another reason to stick to your regular exercise, especially in the morning, is its effect on mental health and mood. Regular exercise reduces anxiety and tension as well as negative moods. This is because of the central of prefrontal cortex process negative emotions such as fear better so that you can focus on the positive ones. Plus, regular exercise releases happy hormones. Those people who exercise regularly are said to be happier than those who don’t.

4. Eat nutritious and energy-boosting breakfast.

7 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Mood Every Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Indeed, we should eat breakfast like a king.

How can breakfast improve your mood in the morning?

First, it provides you with that you need throughout the day. No one would be in a good mood if they have a rumbling stomach. Choose healthy foods to serve on your breakfast table.

Loads on whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidants and B vitamin which impact your mood and lowers your risk of getting depression.

Try whipping up a fluffy vegan pancake. It is easy and will only take you 15 minutes to make it. Top it with nut butter and you will have a rich source of healthy fat and protein to keep you through the day.

5. Go for morning walk

7 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Mood Every Morning

Are you feeling sluggish and tired that you want to have another 10 minutes in the bed?

Get up and put on your rubber shoes instead. Going for a morning walk will make you feel better. It’s a good way to start your day with a fresh mind. The cool air, morning sun and nice surroundings will boost your mood and relieve your stress.

It is also a perfect time where you can think clearly and plan your day ahead. It’s a perfect opportunity where you can be alone with your thoughts and strategize your day well. Maximize the effect of a morning walk by pairing it with your favorite playlist.

6. Put a smile on your face

7 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Mood Every Morning

Smiling is the easiest and cheapest, yet the most effective way of boosting up your mood. Don’t start your day with a frowning face. Face the mirror and smile. Happiness is a choice and the moment that you put a smile on your face is when you chose happiness.

Think of the things that make you happy. Take a sip of your favorite coffee, smell your favorite perfume, browse through your happy photos or simply listen to your favorite song. Focus on the positive things and learn appreciate those. Start your day with a smile and you will surely have a great day.

7. Do one thing you enjoy the most

7 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Mood Every Morning

We feel instantly high and giddy when we are doing the things that we love. Start your day by doing something that you enjoy the most. It does not need to be fancy or complicated. Do something simple that you like yet brings so much happiness to you, even as simple as gazing at the flower that took you one hour to plant. When you surround yourself with things that you enjoy doing the most, you feel happier and lighter.

7 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Mood Every Morning

Say goodbye to bad days with these excellent tips. Apply them every morning and you will surely have better days ahead.


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7 Excellent Ways to Boost Your Mood Every Morning