Being an owner of a firm sounds as big as the thought of managing all of its responsibilities, and yet it is not as easy as many of us think it is. Cooperating with clients, working efficiently with staff members, making the deals work, looking after the assets, planning the resources, taking an effective approach to generate revenue, managing the finances of the entire organization are few of the tasks that require excellent managerial skills. 

Fortunately, you have nothing to be concerned about, because this article provides frugal business travel advice that will help you to embark on business trips without stretching your budget or preventing you from achieving your objectives. 

7 Helpful Insights for Thrifty Corporate Traveling 

  • Find the Best Price Online 

You can find the best ticket price online and you can do things in your budget. Thoroughly search the internet and you will find a cheaper flight that will take you to your location easily. People who travel regularly book their tickets online and they do it way ahead of time. You should do this too if you are someone who travels regularly — especially if you work for a company that has a lot of out of the city or out of country meetings. 


  • Prepare For Your Business Trip

First and foremost, plan concisely but comprehensively for the extraneous factors that may affect your trip’s itinerary and cost. Think of all the possible factors that may contribute to budget failure.

These factors may include the time of the year you are planning to board, are there any festivals or holiday seasons coming up, number of team members traveling, accommodation and hotel fares, food and entertainment, days you are staying at your destination, means of transport, etc. 

Once you plan and list these key factors, it will be easier for you to track where your business travel budget stands.


  • Choose an Appropriate Travel Agency

Due to the increasing demand for cooperative traveling these days, many companies and airlines are operating online to avoid their client’s hustle of researching and comparing flight rates manually. There are many competitive names in the web-industry that specialize in their field and feel proud to serve as 

As an alternative to taking the burden on your back, consider choosing a certified travel company that can satisfy your demands and let it handle the rest. Business traveling can become a nerve-wracking yet an expensive venture but by teaming up with a reliable travel agency you can give yourself a sense of relief and thank them later for managing your entire cooperate travel expenses. They can really save your time and money and if you don’t like something you can always inform them and they will take of it the next time.

Especially if you are a company that requires frequent travels and are constantly sending their employees abroad you should hire a travel agency. You just have to tell them how many people will be traveling and they will do everything for you. 

7 Helpful Insights for Thrifty Corporate Traveling 

  • Pack Smartly

Keep your documents updated such as your passport and your national ID card, also make sure your luggage is as minimal as possible. Do not make the mistake of packing every little thing that catches your eye, especially avoid useless things like toiletries or every small item like these which will only leave you in trouble at the time of repacking. 

Be wise enough to make a practical list of all the important essentials that you would actually need at the spot. Brainstorm and imagine yourself at the destination so you can realize what you could possibly need or think of your last business trip to evaluate what things you missed and what was worth packing.  

Charge all your essential devices the night before including your smartphone, tablet, notebook computer, headphones, chargers or any smart handy tech devices. Last but not the least, don’t forget to pack a digital weight machine in your luggage to avoid the hustle of overweight luggage at the airport that leaves you no choice except for trashing your precious shopped items or overpaying for extra luggage.         


  • Bring an Unlocked Smartphone

If you are traveling to another country and you have a phone from AT&T or any other local service from your country, chances are your phone is landlocked and other countries’ SIMS won’t work on your phone. On a business trip, you need your phone, so be sure to bring a phone that is unlocked and also one that is cheap, so that even if it gets lost or stolen your original phone will be fine and waiting for you when you get back. 


  • Know the Culture

If you are visiting another country you should have some know-how about their culture so you don’t embarrass yourself. If you respect their culture it will also help you in business dealingS because some countries don’t like it when you disrespect their culture. So, it is always wise to do a little research before you go. 

7 Helpful Insights for Thrifty Corporate Traveling 

  • Evaluate Your Trip

After you and your employees have returned from your business trip don’t forget to conduct a trip evaluation. This is an essential tip to help evaluate the total business travel costs, learn from the mistakes and prepare better corporate trips in the future. Schedule a small meeting when you and your employees return from a business trip and take reviews from all the attendants about the productivity level of the trip, make a record of all the expenditures that were required during the trip, highlight things that went well and discuss factors that need improvement. 

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To conclude, all of the above factors like cost of food, days spent at the hotel, hotel rates, air travel package, time of traveling, your means of local commute and many other external factors go hand in hand. In order to save on your business trip, you must thoroughly study each factor and make it a successful one.


What are your favorite tips for reducing business travel expenses?

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