7 Simple Ways to Create a DIY Living Wall

Vibrant and interesting living walls are a great way to bring more life into most urban areas, not to

mention the fact they will help make the air far easier to breathe around a home or office with their

very presence.

Creating your own is not really all that hard, especially if you make use of kits specifically made for this.

They will help you customize the space, shape, size and more of any greens you plan on growing indoors.

Working with them will allow you to add any bouquet of plants you choose to make a part of your office

or home a living wall.

Ready to get started?

Here are some easy and innovative ways to create your own living walls.

7 Simple Ways to Create a DIY Living Wall

1. Picture Frames

Living walls can be made with the use of picture frames, believe it or not.

If you happen to have suitable plants from your garden, then you will have a much easier time

dealing with it.

2. Pallets

Using pallets for small spaces will work well, especially when you need to allow for plants that grow

vertically, such as on a balcony or in a small yard. You can avoid mounting any hardware on your walls

by simply leaning the pallet against the wall.

Making an herb garden with pallets can be a great way of creating a mix of plants for your living wall.

White-painted pallets and vertically-placed pots will allow you to create that wall with ease.

7 Simple Ways to Create a DIY Living Wall

3. String Art

You can make use of string art and air plants to create a low maintenance approach to living walls,

especially if you want to also add them up to actual art you have around your home or garden.

4. Letter-Shaped Frames

You can make use of frames shaped as the letter H to create an interesting visual solution.

Buying a frame will allow you to set things up fairly quickly, especially if you already have the

plants to do so.

7 Simple Ways to Create a DIY Living Wall

5. Wall Planters

Wall planters made with mason jars will also be a perfect solution if you know what you’re doing.

Making use of wall-mounted kitchen planters would also allow you to create a living wall.

This will not only allow you to keep your favorite herbs close by if you grow them, but you will

also be able to enjoy their looks.

6. A Wreath of Plants

Create a great-looking wreath of plants as an in-season solution that you can use for your walls.

It will take some time and dedication, but it would prove to be an excellent solution, especially

if you use evergreens to make it happen.

7 Simple Ways to Create a DIY Living Wall

7. Panels

You can make use of panels to hold your plants on them, literally creating a stunning-looking living

picture frame of greenery, flowers and more.

This is fairly difficult to do on your own, but the greatest thing is you don’t really need to worry

about it as a number of gardening professionals offer these for sale at pretty affordable prices online.

Just look them up and get them shipped to you in no time.


All in all, the aforementioned examples can be a great landscaping solution for any garden space,

allowing you to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing garden space.

Garden maintenance will still take a good amount of care, so if you plan on any complicated designs,

you may want to consider hiring professional gardening services, so they can take care of it for you.


Have you created living walls in your home or garden?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.