If you want to contribute to the sustainability of the planet and create an eco-friendly home office, do your research and lots of planning. As you envision your new home work environment, you’ll have unexpected ideas of your own.



Today, we’re sharing seven tips to get you started. Just envision your ideal space and go for it. You’ll have lots of fun and enjoy the satisfaction that you’re doing your part in a small but significant way. We think you’ll make lots of exciting discoveries along the way. For your consideration:



If possible, choose a room for your that has lots of windows so that it will be filled with lots of natural light. Select lighting with bulbs that save energy and are more environmentally friendly.


Eco-friendly from Floor to Ceiling

Use sustainable materials from the floor up. Putting in a new floor? Then consider amazing fast-growing bamboo. Not only is it beautiful, but also sustainable. Check out the more environmentally friendly paints that are available right now.

7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home Office

Choose Green Sources

Buy your furniture from a furniture company that aims for sustainability in their materials and their manufacturing practices. The same goes for other decor and office supplies. Companies that commit to things like solar power and conservation of resources are who you’re seeking.


Bring in Living Plants

Greenery is not just visually attractive, but exceptionally good for the air you breathe. Making them the perfect combination of form and function.

7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home Office

Go Natural

 If your home office has room for a sofa, loveseat or lounge chair, then you will want to consider what you’ll do for the softer side of your decor. Soft furnishings like area rugs, toss pillows, and throws made of natural fibers are at once eco-friendlier and appealingly soft and cozy.



Think “outside of the box” and exercise your creative side to see ways to use items that are already in your home. Not only is this budget-friendly thinking, but conscious living. Saving something from the landfill is a beautiful thing.

7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home Office

Paperless is the Way

Once you’ve furnished your home office, then you’ll want to consider the office supplies you’ll need. The key here is to use as few as possible. The less paper and ink you use, the less negative impact you will have on the earth’s environment.

Just a word of caution about ink (as in toner cartridges for office printers.) Use sparingly and discard responsibly. Ink cartridges can poison the environment, so don’t just toss in the trash. Many office supply stores will take your used cartridges for recycling, and some will even give you a discount on the purchase of new ones.


Should you have questions or need advice at any point as you create your sustainable home office environment, the experts at your chosen or office supply store can help guide you. From eco-friendly desks to ergonomic office chairs, you can seek advice so you can make the right decisions all along the way so you can enjoy your eco-friendly home office.


What are your favorite tips for creating an eco-friendly home office?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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