8 Terrific Tips to Help You Master Mindful Eating - Infographic

Have you been known to mindlessly devour a giant bag or bucket of popcorn while

watching your favorite movie?

I have, unfortunately–as recently as last week at the latest 007 blockbuster!

In fact, those popcorn kernels seemed to simply disappear!

The bag of light popcorn with Himalayan sea salt–which I snuck in via backpack–

was empty before I knew it!

Or are salty, greasy potato chips your go-to crave busting favorite?

Bet you can’t eat just one of them, either?

8 Terrific Tips to Help You Master Mindful Eating - Infographic

Or maybe you prefer a glass of red wine, cajun spiced peanuts or a dark chocolate bar while

catching the latest episode of Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy?

Before I became a health-conscious vegan, ice cream sundaes loaded with toppings or

warm apple pie a la mode used to be my “indulgence” of choice.

We all have our favorites!

8 Terrific Tips to Help You Master Mindful Eating - Infographic

If you nodded “yes” to any of these scenarios, it’s no surprise.

Like many of us, I am guilty of mindless eating.

And I must admit, sometimes it feels so good to be so bad!

Of course, I am sure you have your own mindless munchie favorites.

Those just happen to be mine.

Studies reveal that mindless eating can go unnoticed and lead to an unhealthy relationship

with food.

Some negative eating experiences may include anxiety, boredom, guilt, and cravings.

When do you munch mindlessly most often?

Some people tend to munch when they are watching TV, driving, preparing meals or working.

I am generally pretty disciplined most of the time, but TV time seems to be my downfall.

Want to Eat More Mindfully?

8 Terrific Tips to Help You Master Mindful Eating - Infographic

Althought mindless eating can wreck a diet, mindful eating is not really about dieting.

It’s actually about intensifying your experience with eating.

It can bring joy and awareness to mealtime, so you can develop a better relationship with what

goes on your plate.

In my own life, I have found that stocking my home with healthy, organic, natural whole foods

and a few healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit and smoothie-making ingredients

helps me to lessen my cravings and eat healthier options.

Curious about the principles of mindful eating?

A few helpful mindful eating resources to check out:





This enlightening infographic by Health Perch offers some useful strategies to help you make more

mindful eating choices every day.

Holiday season is full of parties, dinners and constant reasons to eat so it is an especially easy time

to forget our resolve and nibble mindlessly.

Hopefully, these tips should be helpful to you.

How to Master Mindful Eating

“How to Master Mindful Eating” on Health Perch

Do you have problems with mindless eating?

Have you found ways to eat more mindfully that work for you?

Share your tips, thoughts and comments with us.