9 Smart Moves to Boost Your Metabolism and Stay Fit After 40 - Infographic

Have you noticed changes in the way your body looks?

Have you wondered why you are gaining weight although you are

eating the way you always ate?

Are you baffled by the belly bulge that you never had before?

Are your favorite skinny jeans stuffed into the bottom of a drawer

waiting for the day when you can fit into them again?

Is that little black dress that you used to love to wear, hidden in the

back of your closet?
9 Smart Moves to Boost Your Metabolism and Stay Fit After 40 - Infographic

Unfortunately, I had to answer “yes” to all of the above, so I decided

to do  my homework and find out why.

You probably know much of this already…

Basically, our metabolism slows down as we age.

In many cases, once we hit 40, we may not be as active as we once were.

I am not implying that 40 is a magical age when we will automatically

lose energy–it is just the point in our lives when we do begin to slow down.

Eating appropriate nutrients also becomes more important at this stage in

our lives because our bodies are becoming different as we age–and our needs 

are changing.

You may not have paid much attention to your nutrient needs before, but now

you need to be more vigilant if you want to have a long, active and healthy life.

“You can do it!

Just plan the work

and work the plan!”

The good news is that you can be as healthy, youthful and fit as you want to be.

Knowing how to boost your metabolism will go a long way toward keeping your

health and your body in top form as you grow older.

It’s really not that complicated.

It just takes awareness, planning, commitment and execution.

So don’t give up on your favorite jeans or that little black dress, you’re going to

‘rock’ them once again soon.

“Write that wish list.

Train for that marathon.

Hike the Appalachian Trail.

Climb Mt. Everest.

Or simply stick to your

diet and exercise plan.”

You can do it!

Just plan the work and work the plan!

Here are “9 moves” to help you boost your metabolism and stay fit after 40:

1. Choose What You Eat, Carefully

You need to be very careful about the foods you eat.

You should no longer just eat for the sake of eating and you need to be very choosy

about the foods you put into your mouth.

Do some research on foods that speed up your metabolism.

Each person is different because you may have food allergies and such, so one food

does not fit all.

Eat plenty of carbohydrates in the forms of grains, fruits and vegetables.

Knock off eating sugary processed foods; these types of foods have no place in your diet.

2. Make Your Diet Healthier

You may go on a mission to remove all the bad stuff from your diet, but in turn you

need to start adding good foods to your diet
as well.

Extra fiber is needed at this time so eat foods that speed up your metabolism and

also give you the fiber you need.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables that require a lot of chewing are awesome

metabolism helpers.

Warm foods like hot peppers also help get your metabolism moving.

Spices are also a place to look when wanting to speed up your metabolism.

Bay leaves, garlic, cloves and cinnamon are some great spices to try.

3. Get Your Body Moving

We all need some form of exercise every day.

A brisk walk, yoga or Pilates are good choices to help speed up your metabolism

after 40.

Unless you have been an avid exercise buff your entire life, you may need to start

out simple.

If you ran 10k races in your 20’s and 30’s then by all means keep it up.

Nothing says you can’t keep doing the exercises you loved in your early years

as long as you want to.

Just go for it.

If you change up your diet and start eating the foods that your body requires, and

eliminate the foods that are doing you harm, you will see a great improvement in

your metabolism.

Exercise is something we should do every day of our lives no matter what our age.

Boosting your metabolism in your 40’s and beyond is easy with just a few small changes

on your part.

Now add these “6 moves” to help you stay fit after 40:

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