It is not simple for many people to find the right contact lens and at affordable prices – and it is always worse for first-time users. It can be both confusing and overwhelming for beginners to learn how to purchase and maintain these tiny, transparent, bowl-shaped options to eye care.

When it comes to contact lenses, it is best always to find out what kind is suitable for your eye condition and your lifestyle. You can also decide to go online and buy contact lenses at Eye Contacts and other websites dedicated to contact lenses after getting your prescription.



Types of Contact Lenses:

A Beginners Guide to Contact LensesThere are a variety of contact lenses to choose from according to the kind of eye care and comfort preferred by a user. Some of them are:

  1.   Daily use – It is advisable to dispose of or replace these contact lenses after 24 hours of use.
  2.   Fortnightly use– These contact lenses can be disposed and replaced after using for about two weeks.
  3.   Monthly use – Contact lenses that should be disposed and replaced after a month’s use.
  4.   Extended use – These refer to the kind of contact lenses that can be used for longer durations. They can be disposed of and replaced after using for approximately six months.

This way, contact lens companies provide customers with an adequate variety of contact lenses to maintain ocular health and hygiene.


Types of Medical Contact Lenses:

A Beginners Guide to Contact Lenses

The Company also provides correctional contact lenses for especially different eye-related medical problems:

  1. Bifocal and multifocal lenses: Bifocal lenses are for people who require correcting eye problems that have to do with the clarity of vision from all distances, commonly known as presbyopia. It is for patients with the degenerative visual problem that slowly sets in with age.

It is also for those with a refractive vision where it slowly becomes difficult for the eyes to adjust and focus on distant and closer objects naturally. It is estimated to affect 25% of the global population.

  1. Toric Lenses: You can take them as lenses with a combination of spherical and cylindrical lenses. They are meant for patients with astigmatism or those whose natural eye lens is curved differently in one direction from the other from birth.
  2. Colored Lenses: These are more for cosmetic use than medical. They come in different colors and with different designs that customers can choose to their liking.


Additional Information

A Beginners Guide to Contact Lenses

Other products available include those that will help customers with the maintenance and storage for their visual aid such as lens solutions and lens cases. For reference sake, some of the more popular lens storage and maintenance products come from companies like Bausch & Lomb, and Boston.

Contact lens applicators are also available for the squeamish because it can honestly be creepy to have to touch your eyeball at first. Some of these applicators include scleral cups, lens handlers, by DMV such as the DMV Ultra 529 and the DMV Magic Touch 515, and lens tweezers.

Eye lubrication solutions and eye drops are also sold such as Refresh Plus and Systane Ultra.

The range of branded contact lens companies available is numerous and also available online. Most of these online stores order contact lenses directly from the manufacturers, thereby guaranteeing original and quality. Products from branded companies other than the ones already mentioned above include Capricornia, Gelflex ACL, and Johnson & Johnson.


Contact Lens Maintenance

A Beginners Guide to Contact Lenses

Hands should always be washed, dry, and clean while handling them. When applying them, the lenses should look moist and clean. This eliminates the likelihood of causing damage to the eye. The lenses should always be cleaned with a special lens solution at the end of each day. The lens case should also be always filled with fresh solution after dumping out the solution already in the case.

To maintain lens satisfaction and visual relief, first-timers are asked to always double check their prescriptions before placing any order.


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