Select CBD is a CBD company operating out of Portland, Oregon, one of America’s main hemp hubs. Hemp from the Beaver State is renowned for its great quality, and this is clear to see with Select CBD’s vape pens and drops. They also use a unique ingredient in their products, which we will get onto shortly.

Select CBD is proud to manufacture CBD products that are free from pesticides and solvents – when a company makes and backs up this claim, you know you’re onto a winner. They are completely transparent with their customers, giving a full analysis of each product’s packaging, detailing when it was made, whether it passed the pesticide checks when it was tested, and which laboratory tested it. Select CBD’s lab-test reports are accessible with the lab code – you’ll have to contact the lab for the specific details.



 blends are perfect for those who don’t like the natural flavor of CBD, which can be very potent and earthy. The best in the Select CBD drops range is perhaps the Lemon Ginger Tincture, which is made using lemon and stevia extracts, as well as turmeric and ginger – as well as tasting incredible, these natural ingredients also boost the therapeutic value of the drops. Another bonus is that this product seems to work much more quickly than the 30 minutes, which Select CBD suggests.

Select CBD’s pet range is also worth checking out.

Select CBD’s lavender pen

For some, CBD products are taken for relaxation purposes, and Select CBD is acutely aware of this with their vape pens. The  used with lavender contain lavender essential oil and fractionated coconut oil and CBD oil. As well as enhancing the total relaxation, this vape pen also has a calming fragrance.

A Complete Guide to Select CBD   

Vaping or tinctures – which is best?

Select CBD specializes in vape pens and CBD tinctures, but which product type is best suited to your needs? Since the effects of CBD hit fairly quickly with both, it’s mostly down to personal preference. The benefit with Select CBD’s disposable pen is that they are small and provide the discretion, and don’t need to be recharged. Retailing at a shade under $50, each pen has 150 puffs of CBD – a puff takes approximately six seconds. The calming and relaxing effects of Select CBD’s vape pen can be felt pretty much straight away, even though the company says it takes around 15 minutes to work.

On the other hand, tinctures are taken via a method known as sublingual absorption. Each bottle of tincture oil comes with a dropper, which can be filled up and then applied under the tongue – it should then be held for about 90 seconds, while the CBD pen can be absorbed through the tissues, before swallowing. Most people choose to take one dropper as a dose, and the exact strength depends on the overall potency of the oil.

As we have said, the vape pens do work slightly faster, and getting feedback from a dose straight away is part of what makes them popular – then the user knows whether they have had enough or need more. However, some find that disposable pens aren’t economical since they have to be thrown away after using them. But they are portable, much more so than tincture oils, which carry an increased risk of spilling. Perhaps have a bottle of tincture oil at home, and a vape pen to take with you. To preserve the lifespan of a CBD tincture oil, store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Select CBD’s vape pens and tincture oils are both available at a great price, and experimenting with both is a great way to determine your specific CBD needs.

The essential oils which are featured in Select CBD’s lavender pen are a nice touch that we haven’t found elsewhere. As with the CBD, these oils are also organically sourced from Oregon.




The only downside about Select CBD is that you cannot immediately access their lab-test reports – although they still go through the process like any other reputable CBD company, and can be easily gotten hold of if requested. The vape pens go through several levels of quality control during production before they go to market. The pens are cured for 24 hours to eliminate technical failures and ensure that the vape oil saturates totally into the wick.


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