Whenever I need some serious “me” time, I look no further than a day at the spa. There’s nothing quite like a healthy, relaxing, pampering spa day. I love to release my mind, body and spirit into the gifted hands of pampering professionals who soothe and rejuvenate me with facials, massages, body wraps and helpful insights.

Fortunately for me, my darling husband knows just how much I adore spa treatments, so he always treats me to a day of beauty at the spa of my choice for my birthday and anniversary. What can I say? He’s quite a catch!


“When I need some “me” time,

I love to spend a day at the spa,

where I release my mind, body

and spirit into the hands of

gifted professionals.”


Taking the Waters: Slipping into Serenity

A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay

My perfect pampering day actually commenced before my spa treatments. The ritual started with cleansing and relaxing hydrotherapy and thermal therapies. Once I released myself to the magical powers of the thalasso therapy pool, herbal hot tub, dry sauna, wet sauna, herbal steam room and the salt sauna, the stresses and strains of the week simply melted away. Thus began my journey toward ultimate relaxation.

A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay

The herbal steam and sauna grottos cleansed my mind and body with gentle heat, while the therapeutic heated-water pool’s bubbling effect washed away aches and pains. Next, I slipped into the snow room for as long as I could stand it, then rushed to the welcoming warmth of the dry sauna.

For cold contrast, I submerged my body into a brisk, cool pool for an invigorating zing. After a tantalizing rainfall shower, I headed to the heated chaise lounges to sip herbal tea, mint-infused water and munch on fresh fruit, while I continued to rest and unwind in anticipation of the main event. Soon my name was called and a cheerful, chatty therapist led me to my appointed treatment room.

The Ultimate Indulgence: A Magical Day of Health and Beauty

A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay

When I celebrate my birthday spa day, I always book an ultra-pampering “day of beauty package” that includes a therapeutic and healing body wrap, facial and massage. There are so many appealing therapies to choose from, so I try to experience different treatments each time. This year, I chose to combine a rejuvenating seaweed and collagen facial with a detox body wrap and sublime hot stone massage. The combination of these transformative rituals refreshes and revitalizes.

Soothing Seaweed Body Wrap and Facial

A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay

Blending the nourishing power of the sea with the healing effects of aromatherapy, this “detox” treatment is excellent for releasing toxins and soothing aches, pains and sore muscles. A heated seaweed-rich mask containing a warming blend of essential oils was applied to my body before I was cocooned in a comforting foil wrap for thirty minutes of pure zen.

A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay

As I drifted off to the sounds of ancient instruments, I was pampered with both a seaweed facial as well as scalp and foot massages. An invigorating waterfall shower awakened my senses after I was ceremoniously unwrapped.

Heavenly Hot Stone Oohs and Aahs

A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay

Next, I was treated to the ultimate indulgent and therapeutic experience–a hot stone massage–which blended the power of touch and the aroma of essential oils with heated Basalt stones. In Polynesia, it’s said that the river rocks harness the healing power of the water that flows over them. As the therapist massaged my body with hot stones, no wonder I felt like I was floating. Ahh, I thought, this must be heaven! I simply inhaled, exhaled and allowed my mind/body/spirit to be transported.

A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay

Suffice it to say that these incredibly-relaxing rituals soothed me from the soles of my feet to the top of my tingling scalp. During my treatments, the therapists explained the properties and benefits of each product they used. So before I left the spa, I examined a variety of natural skincare products and  so I could purchase the ones that I wanted to continue using at home. That’s a wonderful way to “take the spa experience home with you”.A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay

After my tranquil day of pampering, I was so relaxed when I returned home, that I slept like a baby that night.

Thank you, honey! I can’t wait for our anniversary to do this again!


“There’s nothing quite

like a day at the spa,

savoring the ultimate

spa experience!”


Ready to Plan Your Own #UltimateSpaDay?

A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay

Help is at your fingertips?

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What is your idea of a perfect pampering day at the spa?

What are your favorite treatments?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.



A Day at the Spa: Thank You Honey for My #UltimateSpaDay




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