Have you observed tears on your clothing, books, and food packaging lately? These could be due to pest infestations. Not only do these pesky creatures bring illnesses to humans and animals but also cause extensive damage to properties. If you want to know more information about how you can eliminate them for good, let’s tackle some of the  common pests that cause property damage and their habits.



A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Methods of Pest Control 


1. Ants

There is an ongoing debate on whether to call ants as pests or beneficial creatures. To clarify this issue, ants only become pests when they cause nuisances in the household. A colony of ants can tear through food packaging, spoiling the goods inside it. Seeing how difficult it is to store food during this pandemic, these are pests you need to keep out.

Some people believe that food groups are safe for consumption after being infested by ants. Little do they know that ants harbor pathogens that contaminate our goods. Once ingested, it could cause stomach flu and allergies.


Therefore, experts recommend spraying ant trails with a solution of essential oil with water. This disturbs the pheromones they secrete to attract fellow workers, hampering the process of moving into homes.

Another way to eliminate ants naturally is by using vinegar spray to disrupt ant activities. Like essential oils, you can apply this on ant trails and ant nests. Regularly spray these solutions to deter them from infesting homes.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Methods of Pest Control 

2. Cockroaches

These are the ickiest creatures that people encounter in the household. Apart from the illnesses they bring like Salmonellosis, Dysentery, Leprosy, and E. coli infections, they also cause damages to properties.

Did you know that these creatures cause damage to clothing and blankets? Cockroaches are attracted to food stains and sweat stains. They seep through the clothing, causing tears and holes through the fabric. If this does not alarm you, they can damage every clothing you have inside your cabinet. In , you won’t have a good sweater or blanket to cover you during winter.

Roaches also infest cardboards and food packaging. Once you attract them with food crumbs and open goods, they will infest your kitchen. Try turning your kitchen light on at night and you can see them crawling all over your sink, dishes, and utensils. This puts you and your family’s lives at risk.


To deter roach infestations, store food inside secure and air-tight containers. See that it cannot be torn away by pests. Experts also recommend eliminating excess moisture in the atmosphere. This is another attractant that drives pests into infesting homes. You can use dehumidifiers to get this done. Better yet, dry your sink and your bathroom floors before going to bed.

You can also use a solution of essential oil and water to keep these away. While oils like Lavender and Geranium relaxes humans, it is irritating to pests. Spray it regularly on pest-infested areas to keep their activities at bay.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Methods of Pest Control 

3. Mice 

These are the most notorious creatures to infest households. Not only do they bring fatal illnesses like Hantavirus and Leprosy, but they also cause extensive damages in the household.

Mice are acrobatic insects. They can fit through the smallest holes. If not, they create their own enough to accommodate their bodies. This shouldn’t even take over 1 inch.

Once they get in, they damage furniture and fixtures, clothing floorboards, food packaging, and appliances. The worst part is, they can get in between walls and underneath floorboards. They gnaw on electrical wirings which could lead to house fires and short circuits. If you have mice at home, don’t take their infestation for granted. Call a professional for the ultimate pest protection.


If you want to get rid of rats on your own, steer clear from using insecticides. Without prior knowledge, it could put your life in danger. It’s better to conduct a foundation check and see if there are any entryways that mice can use. Seal these immediately. If not, call an expert to fix these shingles, cracks, and crevices for you.

Afterwards, use glue boards to catch the mice dwelling inside your home. Position these tactically on infested areas. Don’t forget to add some food on top of the glue board to entice the mice to pass through it. Check the traps every morning until you catch every one of them. Be careful not to place these traps where your pets and children can reach it. Once they get the glue onto their hair or coat, it’s difficult to get it out.



These are only a few of the house pests that damage our belongings. If you want to get rid of them, the best thing you can do is apply effective housekeeping methods. Clean your home and eliminate every attractant. Better yet, call a professional to eradicate these for you. Make sure they use safe and environmentally safe methods of pest control.

Your home and your family are your responsibility. Make sure they get the protection and security they need from pests. Apply these methods consistently and you will find yourself in a safe environment with no hint of pest infestation. Try these now and get the ultimate protection.


Have you used natural pest control methods?

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Methods of Pest Control - Concerned about pests? Apply these natural pest control methods consistently and to create a safe environment with no hint of pest infestation.  #pests  #naturalpestcontrol  #mice  #ants  #roaches  #pestinfestation  #housekeeping  #home  #homepests






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