A New Approach: Gentle and Natural Ways to Battle Colds and Flu

Spending a few days in bed trying to recover from a heavy cold or a bout of flu, is not going to be top

of your list of fun activities for sure, but despite the obvious discomfort and inconvenience, it is still

better to take a natural approach to recovery rather than reach for harsh medications.

One gentle and natural way to tackle a cold and give your body a boost would be to enjoy a renowned

healing food like bone broth, which you can get from someone like .

Here is a look at some natural cold remedies that your body will appreciate, as you find a natural

and organic way of making your cold and flu disappear.

Quick-Fix Remedies
A New Approach: Gentle and Natural Ways to Battle Colds and Flu

There are three very common symptoms associated with seasonal flu, namely, fever, aching body and

possibly some respiratory issues.

Rather than reaching for any medications that you might get prescribed by a doctor or at your local

pharmacy store, there are a number of natural quick-fix remedies that will set to work just as quickly

and offer a more organic healing solution to fight those flu symptoms.

The most obvious starting point is to ensure that you remain properly hydrated, so pure and simple,

get plenty of water down you, possibly up to a gallon and a half per day for an adult.

This will definitely help to keep you safely hydrated, which is very important at the best of times,

but especially so when you are feeling ill from cold and flu symptoms.

Hot liquids are known to help stimulate your immune system and can help stem the flow of the flu

virus throughout your body.

Consider getting some bone broth for a quick boost, as well as drinking tea, including herbal versions

if you want, and some hot water laced with honey and lemon.


“Rather than reaching for medications that

you might get prescribed by a doctor or at 

your local pharmacy store, there are a number 

of natural remedies that will set to work

just as quickly and offer a more organic

healing solution to fight those flu symptoms.”


Elderberry for Its Antioxidant Properties

A New Approach: Gentle and Natural Ways to Battle Colds and Flu

If you are looking for a cold and flu remedy that has been passed down through the generations as a

tried and tested natural way of combating flu symptoms, elderberry should be on your agenda.

There is some research that suggests the natural chemicals contained in elderberries could be be

helpful in aiding the reduction of swelling in your mucous membranes, which would help to relieve

nasal congestion.

As elderberry contains flavonoids, these antioxidant properties could have the effect of boosting the

production of your immune cells, helping your body in trying to prevent a virus from spreading.

Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

A New Approach: Gentle and Natural Ways to Battle Colds and Flu

One of the main reasons why a cold or flu virus can start to take hold of your body is the fact that your

immune system might be vulnerable due to a .

It is not the only reason you might be struck down by a flu virus of course, but anyone who has a noticeably

low level of vitamin D in their body, is definitely more susceptible to suffering from a cold and flu virus.

Prevention is always better than cure if you can help it, so consider taking cod liver oil on a regular basis,

as it is a good source of vitamin D.

It is not too late to take it however, even after the symptoms have taken hold, as the levels of vitamin D

in cod liver oil make it a good antimicrobial to fight off viruses.

Get Plenty of Vitamin C As Well

A New Approach: Gentle and Natural Ways to Battle Colds and Flu

It is always a good plan to include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, especially those that

are high in vitamin C.

Plenty of leafy greens, broccoli, fresh parsley, and strawberries as well as kiwi fruit will definitely help to

boost your immune system.

A homemade lemonade that is sweetened by honey and made with fresh lemons, can instantly boost your

daily vitamin C intake by about 20%, so that would also be a good plan as you find some natural ways to

fight your flu symptoms.

Monitoring Your Temperature

A New Approach: Gentle and Natural Ways to Battle Colds and Flu

As unpleasant as it feels, getting a fever is actually your body’s natural response to illness and can

be viewed as a good sign that your body is fighting the infection.

You will need to or whoever in your family has the flu, to ensure that it

doesn’t go beyond 104.

The most natural solution is to let your body do some of the work in fighting the infection, but any-

thing beyond the 103-104 range, you might want to consider trying to bring it down a notch, although

you will often find that reducing the fever using medicine is rarely required, if you take the natural

approach and sweat it out for a few hours.

If you feel cold or flu symptoms coming on, take the natural approach if you can, and you will often

find that medication over the counter is not required.


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Steve Kadlec, Founder of Au Bon Broth, educates and advocates for a healthy lifestyle of vitality and longevity through natural organic whole foods such as bone broth.


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