A New Year, A New You: Fit in Fitness with Quick & Easy Office Workouts
Are your muscles feeling tense?

Is your body a little stiffer than you are comfortable with?

Have you noticed a few extra pounds creeping up on you lately?

Are you concerned about how to fit in more exercise when work is literally taking

over your life?

Let’s face it, when you spend most of your workday sitting behind a desk, keeping healthy

and fit can be a challenge.

Too many people these days work long hours in an office with very little physical activity.

This lifestyle can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

It’s a good idea to stretch and strengthen your body with easy office workouts.

These exercises can be performed while seated on your office chair or at your desk.

Always be sure to get up and move at least once per hour.

Office exercises are not meant to take the place of traditional aerobic or strength training.

However, they offer a great way to get your body moving and your blood flowing.

Try these Quick & Easy Office Workouts:

A New Year, A New You: Fit in Fitness with Quick & Easy Office Workouts 1. Stretches

Stretching is a simple activity that doesn’t take much effort but can increase your energy

level, leading to greater productivity at work.

Before doing your stretches, limber up by walking around the office for a few minutes.

Wrist Stretch:

-Extend one arm in front with the palm facing upward.

-Take hold of the fingers with your other hand and pull the fingers towards you.

-Feel the stretch in your forearm.

-Hold for 20 seconds, then repeat with the other hand.

• Lower Back Stretch:

-Sit up straight and place your right hand behind the right hip.

-Slowly twist to left, using your left hand on your right thigh to deepen the stretch.

-Hold the position for 20 seconds.

-Repeat on the other side.

• Neck Stretch:

-Slowly tilt your head toward your left shoulder and hold for ten seconds.

-Repeat on the other side.

-Do this exercise slowly and gently to prevent neck injury.

2. Bicep Curl

-Hold a water bottle in one hand.

-Sit tall with your stomach tucked in and your back straight.

-Slowly lift the bottle towards your shoulder for 15-20 reps.

-Repeat on the other side.

-The bottle, filled with water, provides resistance.

3. Hip Flexion

-Sit tall, keeping your abdominal muscles tight.

-With the knee bent, lift one foot a few inches off the ground.

-Hold for a few seconds, lower the foot, and repeat.

-Do 16 reps, then repeat with the other foot.

4. Assisted Push-ups

-Push-ups strengthen the arms and chest muscles.

-Assisted push-ups are easy workouts that you can do in the office.

-All you have to do is lean against the desk, supporting yourself with your arms.

-Push yourself away from the desk.

-Do 10 reps two or three times a day to help yourself stay alert and active.

 Add This to your To Do List

A New Year, A New You: Fit in Fitness with Quick & Easy Office Workouts

Make it your business to fit these easy workouts into your office routine.

In fact, add them to your “to-do list”.

Your body will thank you.

Promise yourself that you will make a few minutes of fitness at your workplace

a priority.

You’ll be glad you did!

How do you fit in fitness while you are working? What do you do?

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