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I’m Deborah Davis.

And I’m delighted to welcome you to our “vibrant-conscious-lifestyle” magazine:

Urban Naturale

About Urban Naturale.com: Living healthy, green and natural by design

Change is in your hands.

Urban Naturale was developed to help inform and shape your path to living healthy, green and natural, by design — which, we know, is no easy task!

In fact, for me, it has been a lifelong, journey filled with lots of trial and error, and ups and downs, and hits and misses. But like most of us, I’m continually learning and growing, tweaking and adjusting.

Let’s face it, a healthy, textured, meaningful life is a continual work in progress.


So, let’s share the journey...

Do you ever ask yourself:

• How can I live a healthy, green, natural, creative and fulfilling life —

especially in an urban environment?

• How can I look good, feel good and be my best self?

• How can I make healthier, more informed choices for

my loved ones and world around me? 

I do.

But there are so many choices. So many questions. So many challenges.

And so much — yet, often conflicting — information!

On any given day, we may wake up to jarring news reports, eye-popping new findings and shocking revelations.

It’s frequently so confusing to make sense of it all, I often wonder…

“What’s a thinking girl to do, eat, drink, wear, make, use,

buy, keep, toss, donate, reuse, recycle, repurpose?

(Not to mention with whom, when, where, why and how?)”

That’s what Urban Naturale is all about…

About Urbannaturale.com

It all adds up to looking, feeling, doing and living well!


Urban Naturale is a place to find and share useful, relevant, life-shaping information with like-minded souls: people (especially women) who are striving to live a healthier, more natural, eco-friendly and creative life, at any age.

Does that sound a bit like you?

Urban Naturale explores the everyday challenges we face and choices we make — from choosing the products we buy and the food we eat, to the ingredients we put on our bodies, how we take care of ourselves (body/mind/spirit); what we clean with, the materials ,furniture and accessories we live with — as we strive to live a relatively healthy, eco-conscience and natural life — particularly in — but not limited to — an urban environment.

Urban Naturale is chock full of healthy and delicious recipes, helpful how-to-guides, tips for making stuff and making stuff happen; best practices, innovators, cool tools and ideas, inspiring people, useful solutions; helpful technology, products, services, apps, sites and resources and much more.

What’s Hot: Relevant news, issues, findings, tips, people, products and causes related to healthy, natural, eco-conscience living

Nourish: You are what you eat, literally. We think it’s all about eating to live! Natural, alkaline, organic food and nutrition; vegan, raw, whole food recipes; movers and shakers; healthy restaurants, cafes and shops.

Fit and Fab: The yucky truth is that we absorb what we put on our bodies, no matter how good it looks or smells! So looking fab and feeling good means reducing exposure to toxic ingredients and making healthy product choices or making them ourselves! Look for lots of DIY recipes and ideas for natural skin, hair, beauty and body care, salons, spas, fitness options and more.

Health and Wellness: We think prevention is key! Don’t you? Natural health and healing options; natural remedies, holistic and wellness providers, centers , resource listings, events and more…

EcoStyle: Look fab while looking out for your health and the health of our environment! Green/eco-friendly fashion options and style; ecofashion designers and shops; thrift , barter, vintage and consignment venues, DIY, refashion, swap meets and more.

Living Green: Live cleaner and greener! Greening your home and lifestyle and community; green cleaning, green energy, green gardening options and innovations; flea market, upcycled , fair trade home furnishings and accessories; innovations, DIY, products ,resources, services.

Culture: Who’s innovating? Who’s creating? Arts and culture, film, books, DIY, green/recycled/upcycled creations, natural, handmade and fair trade crafts, eco-travel.

Events: What’s going on? Find out with calendar listings and coverage of relevant events, causes, openings, launches, classes, workshops and more.

Doing Good: Be the change! Social good, taking action, green ,healthy, meaningful causes, benefits and supporting women, children, the environment, fair trade, artisans

Natural Essentials – Selected healthy, green, natural , organic, fair trade, upcycled and recycled products, creations, businesses and services are just a click away!

Naturalistas: Movers, shakers, innovators, creators, teachers, raw/vegan chefs, healers, bloggers, healthy, green or natural service providers….Naturalistas inspire and rock our world!

Urban Naturale Neighborhood: A place to meet, ask questions, share recipes, resources and ideas, swap, sell, support causes, take action, make things happen, make friends, create groups; share DIY, upcycled and other helpful ideas and more. Coming soon!

Urban Naturale wants to help you look good, feel good, do good and be the best YOU, with a lot of help from a world of smart, creative friends , innovators, world-changers , experts, resources — and you! Healthy, green and natural movers and shakers; inspiring do-it-yourselfers and handmade crafters; creative ecopreneurs and recyclers; amazing natural food chefs and restaurant-owners; gifted wellness providers and environmental innovators; raw vegans and yoga-lovers; bold bloggers and ecofashionistas; organic gardeners and fair trade artisans!

Enjoy the ride!


Urban Naturale.com: Living healthy, green and natural by design



Urban Naturale

Helping you live healthy, green and natural … by design


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