As COVID-19 continues to spread, being responsible and finding ways to avoid contracting and spreading the virus is key to conquering the pandemic. One of the guidelines that many are getting used as this rages on is wearing a face mask. While this was used mainly for functionality in the initial stages of the virus, people are beginning to find creative ways to mix both fashion and function as the mask becomes a regular accessory. If you want to be responsible and look great doing it, here are some accessory tips for how to look stylish while wearing a face mask.



1. Find masks with plain colors that are easy to use as accessories.

The various masks that we see on social media and in the media often come in a wide variety of designs and colors. While having some of these in your wardrobe can add some excitement to your mask-wearing experience, they pose the same problem as other clothing items: you can’t pair these items with everything. The best way to make sure that you are able to wear your face mask with everything is by finding masks that feature plain colors and are easy to accessorize with.

Take, for example, the  products offered by NxTSTOP. These face coverings come in basic colors in grey, blue, and black that help you match your mask with any outfit you may own. Additionally, these products are enjoyable to wear for longer periods of time, are washable and reusable, allow you to breathe, and provide you with the basic protection you are looking for in the midst of this pandemic, all key mask features that you should be looking for while shopping. While you can purchase crazier options later on, buying up the essentials that provide both fashion and function will serve to keep you looking stylish no matter what you may be wearing.

2. Use more accessories to make your entire outfit blend.

If you’re focused on fashion, chances are that you are not going to have your mask as your only accessory. For example, if you choose to put on a sexy summer , you can accessorize beyond your face mask by adding sunglasses, gold necklaces, or other jewelry that ties your mask seamlessly into the other components of your outfit. Remember, the idea here is to bring less attention to your face mask so that everything works together. Take the highlight away from your facial region by directing people’s attention to other parts of your outfit for a more cohesive style.

Accessory Tips: How to Look Stylish While Wearing a Face Mask

3. Wear lighter makeup when wearing a face mask.

Face masks have completely changed the way that others see us. Whereas you may have opted to go out in full makeup, now only a portion of your face will be visible. While this may not be as exciting for you, it can be great news for your pores. Instead of going with your usual makeup routine, look for  that highlight the eyes and brows and opt for a minor contour, avoid any areas that may be in direct contact with the mask as this will only result in a mess later. Additionally, consider looking for lighter colors to better match your mask and any outfit you may be wearing. If your mask should be breathable, your makeup should be too.



People are slowly beginning to realize that masks are going to be a daily essential that we will be wearing for the foreseeable future. If you want to get a head start on mask fashion and look great in your face coverings, use the tips above to learn how to properly accessorize with a mask in today’s world.


What are your tips for looking stylish while wearing a face mask?

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