Addiction Alert: Spotting the Signs and Finding a Solution

Admitting to an addiction can be a long and painful process before you actually get to the point

where you are prepared to admit that you may have a problem and need help.

Addressing and dealing with an addiction of any kind often involves getting the support from

friends and family to help spot the warning signs and then seek professional support from

organisations like  and others like it.

Identifying an Addiction

Addiction Alert: Spotting the Signs and Finding a Solution

Addictive behaviours are plausible with many of us and everyday activities that the majority

of us partake in on a regular basis in some form or another, such as drinking, smoking and gambling,

or even playing video games or eating junk food, all have the sort of ingredients such as fun and

enjoyment, that can tip some of us over the edge into addictive symptoms.

Addictions take on many different forms and when it comes to addictive behaviours in particular,

there are a number of distinct warning signs which when displayed, should raise the alarm and

prompt you to consider if your regular habit has actually become an addiction.

Attaching a Level of Importance and Measuring Reward Response

Addiction Alert: Spotting the Signs and Finding a Solution

Addictive behaviours which do not involve the use of chemical substances can certainly vary more

in their level of severity and this is why you need to carry out an honest appraisal of your potential

levels of addiction through less physical evidence.

If you are addicted to video games for example, it might not seem that serious to you at first, but the

same rules apply in all levels of addictive behaviour, whatever it is that you might have a problem with.

One way of determining the severity of your addition is to decide how important it is to play video games,

gamble or whatever it is that you feel the need to keep doing.

Addiction Alert: Spotting the Signs and Finding a Solution

You can quickly determine this level of importance by being honest about how much you are doing it and

to what extent it is stopping you from doing other things.

Another symptom of a potential addiction is measured in what is referred to as reward response.

You should ask yourself whether doing what you do makes you feel better and more in control of

your life while you are doing it and do you feel worse when you are not doing it?

Losing Track of Time

Addiction Alert: Spotting the Signs and Finding a Solution

Another common symptom related to addictive behaviour is losing track of time and finding that

you have  being doing your activity for a lot longer than you originally planned.

A frequent response from someone who is addicted to a certain activity or even a substance,

is to display what is referred to as a never-enough compulsion.

As you can probably guess, this often involves creating more time for this activity and less time

for other things in your life, resulting in an addiction that is taking control and edging out other

things that you no longer appear to have the time for.

Substance Dependence

Addiction Alert: Spotting the Signs and Finding a Solution

Suffering from addictive behaviour when it comes to activities that start off as fun and interest

but develop into addictions can be as much a problem as substance dependence.

There is however no question that becoming addicted to a substance such as drugs, alcohol or

nicotine is particularly harmful to your health as well as your mind.

People who suffer from the signs and symptoms of substance dependence will experience very

strong cravings and will generally find it difficult to cease their activities without some professional

help as well as support from friends and family.

Withdrawal Problems

Addiction Alert: Spotting the Signs and Finding a Solution

If you are suffering from any sort of addiction, you are almost certainly in for a tough road ahead

and it is normal to experience various withdrawal symptoms.

This is especially the case with substance addictions, as you will often experience physical and

emotional reactions when your levels of substance drop below a certain level in your body as you

attempt to withdraw.

The Road to Recovery

Addiction Alert: Spotting the Signs and Finding a Solution

There are a wide range of emotions that you are likely to experience along the road to a permanent

and lasting recovery from an addiction.

Taking risks and making various social sacrifices in order to satisfy your cravings are unfortunately

normal behaviours from and addict and understanding that addiction is something that tries to control

you, will help you to redress the balance and set yourself on the road to recovery.

Addiction Alert: Spotting the Signs and Finding a Solution
Many of us experience cravings and sometimes something that we enjoy doing becomes an addiction

before we actually see what is happening to us.

The main thing is to be honest with yourself and in your appraisal of whether you might have an addiction.

Once you do this, you can seek the help that you might need to get your life back on track.


About the Author:
Regina Cain works as a behavioural therapist and understands the issues relating to addictions. She always appreciates the opportunity to share her insights online and writes regularly for a number of relevant websites.


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