The best way to rid your life of drugs and alcohol is through a program that is right for you. Of course, there are many to choose from. The following are a few tips on your rehabilitation, so you will have the best chance of success.


 “The best way to rid your

life of drugs and alcohol is

through a program that is

right for you.”


Determine whether you need inpatient or outpatient care

Advice on Choosing a Program for Addiction Rehabilitation

Inpatient care refers to staying in a hospital or residential environment. This type of recovery is often necessary for extreme addictions, and especially addictions that need medical care as a person is removed from their effect. Certain drugs and even alcohol, if withdrawn quickly, can result in life threatening conditions for the patient. It is imperative that a person has access to a medical staff in case of an emergency. Most of the rehab programs have available an initial stay that can be considered inpatient, but this is for the purpose of detoxification. After this is done, an outpatient program takes over to keep you drug free.


Residential treatment

Advice on Choosing a Program for Addiction Rehabilitation

This type of treatment is one designed to keep an addict away from drugs and alcohol as well as the environment that helped to encourage such behavior. This type of facility may have a doctor on staff as well as other medical personnel, but it is not a hospital environment. Aimed at detoxification, it is only for those whose addiction will not be life threatening if they cease to take drugs. This type of facility is regarded as inpatient care, but only because it is residential. The patients are not bedridden, and are usually not confined to their quarters. There are rules to abide by including drug testings. Failure to abide by these rules can often result in being discharged from the program, so you need to be ready to make a commitment to your drug rehabilitation.


A follow-up program after detoxification

Advice on Choosing a Program for Addiction Rehabilitation

What type of support do they give an addict after they go through detoxification. As difficult it is to imagine, detoxification is the easy part. Staying sober is more difficult. It is important that there is a support program that is a part of the overall rehabilitation. Of course, you will find that every program claims to have this, but what is important for you is how it is going to fit into your life and what exactly the program consists of as well as what it is designed to accomplish. Fitting into your life simply means that the place you go for a follow-up program is easy to get to. In most cases, you will be involved in some type of group therapy with other recovering addicts. This is important because the support you get from others in your same situation can be encouraging, and encouragement is an important part of your success.


Outpatient treatment program

Advice on Choosing a Program for Addiction Rehabilitation

This is often an ideal type program for those who have a mild addiction. The type of addiction where you can see the writing on the wall, and you want to stop the problem before it gets worse. Often an addiction like this may have been for a short duration. If you have a job that you cannot afford to lose, often an outpatient program is best. The fact that you can hold down a job is a sign that your addiction is not severe enough to require hospitalization or a residential treatment facility. People who have had long-term addictions are not good candidates for this type of program because their addictions are so bad that it has overwhelmed their lives. Keep in mind that not all facilities have an outpatient program. Some will claim they have one, but if you read carefully, it is a follow-up program for an inpatient program.


Make sure the facility specializes in your addiction

Advice on Choosing a Program for Addiction Rehabilitation

Although there are some large rehabilitation centers that cover all drug and alcohol addiction, many of the best programs have at their focus a single category. It may not be a single drug, but the program may be specifically designed for opioid addicts. This will cover not only heroin, but all of the prescription opioids that people become addicted to. Although there are similarities between the characteristics of addiction across all categories of drugs, certain drugs produce certain effects that must be addressed specifically for the abuse of that drug.


Make sure the facility takes your insurance

Advice on Choosing a Program for Addiction Rehabilitation

If you don’t have insurance, there are a few options open to you, but if you have insurance, it is likely that the policy will cover drug addiction rehabilitation, but that doesn’t mean every facility will accept your insurance. You need to find a facility that matches your needs as well as accepts your insurance. You will discover quickly that there will be more than one facility that will take your insurance, you will have to reach a decision based upon some of the factors listed above.


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