Turning 50 does not have to mean saying goodbye to a youthful you. In fact, the 50s are a golden time when you have taken care of pretty much all of life’s major responsibilities like building a successful career, saving for retirement, and raising children. You’re now ready to truly live for yourself.

This new-found freedom and confidence should show on your face, and with a little care and self love, you can age gracefully and look your best through your 50s. All you have to do is eat healthy, use the right products and refrain from habits that affect your health and beauty. Add to this some clever styling tips and you have a whole new life waiting for you.


“Turning 50 does not have

to mean saying goodbye

to a youthful you.”


Eat Healthy

Age Gracefully: Look Fabulous at 50 with These All-Round Tips

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You are what you eat. While this is true for absolutely any age group, women in their 50s should really begin to swear by it. Even if you have ignored your health a little (or a lot) in your younger years, it’s never too late to start following healthy eating habits. Our bodies, its digestive system and immune system are stronger when we’re younger, which is why we can get away with a little cheating on the eating. With age however, the smallest amount of junk food can mess with metabolism and affect health in so many ways.

For healthy, beautiful skin and hair, are a prerequisite. Whole grains, fresh fruits, juices, nuts and seeds are necessary to maintain nourished skin and healthy hair. Drink plenty of water, limit alcohol to less than one glass a day, and do away with smoking. If you are to maintain good health and age gracefully, you need to go easy on such things. However, you don’t need to run away at the sight of a pizza. You just need to eat such foods in moderation and include healthier options more often.

Emphasize Personal Care, but Use Only Quality Products

Age Gracefully: Look Fabulous at 50 with These All-Round Tips

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Even if you were blessed with great skin and never had to worry too much about using skin care products in your younger years, your skin is going to need more attention at 50. If you have always been taking good care of your skin, you will have to make comparatively few changes in your skin care regimen to account for an aging skin that has newer problems to deal with.

Dryness is one of the biggest afflictions of aging skin. So moisturize like your life depends on it. Always have sunscreen on, even when you are indoors. Broad-range SPF 30 is ideal, but you can choose higher SPF values if you are going to receive more sun exposure.

Choosing the right products for your skin may well be the one factor that can make or break your skin, literally. Use natural, organic products with safe and approved ingredients. Even if they cost a little more than the usual over-the-counter creams and lotions, products from a trusted brand are a good investment if you care about the health of your skin.

Go Natural

Age Gracefully: Look Fabulous at 50 with These All-Round Tips

Splurging on expensive high-quality products can be balanced out by eliminating several other products and replacing them with natural alternatives easily available for cheap. Coconut oil, for instance, can replace a number of products like night crème, and hand and foot creams.

Go natural and save your skin and your money. In fact, products containing harsh chemicals can be completely done away with if you want healthy glowing skin and shiny hair in your 50s. Use essential oils for beating stress, signs of aging and hair damage. Use homemade fruit masks and nut or sea salt exfoliates. Opting for more herbal, non-chemical skin care products from will help you maintain your natural glow, and prevent the need for expensive and ultimately futile treatments like Botox.

Avoid Damaging Habits

Age Gracefully: Look Fabulous at 50 with These All-Round Tips

There may be things you do that you know are bad for your health. Over-indulging in unhealthy food, drinking alcohol and smoking are the most common examples. There are, however, other things you may be doing without even realizing they are bad for you.

Wearing too much makeup to conceal the effects of aging is one such thing. Not only does it make your skin look cakey, but also damages it. Stressing and falling prey to negativity is another trap. You’ve probably had enough of that in your 30s and 40s. It’s now time to let go and make the best of what you have. Your happiness on the inside shows on the outside.

Style Right

Age Gracefully: Look Fabulous at 50 with These All-Round Tips

Don’t fall for the conventional dos and don’ts of styling for those in their 50s. You don’t have to cut your hair into a bob or stick to the salt-n-pepper look. If styled aesthetically, you can sport any hairdo you want. Just take a good look at your hair texture and assess what’s right for you. If your hair is dense, you can go for longer haircuts. Choose a hair color that complements your changing face. Most women in their 50s can pull off streaks with grace and don’t have to go all-black or all-blonde. Consult a good stylist and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Wrapping Up

Age Gracefully: Look Fabulous at 50 with These All-Round Tips

Aging is no longer as daunting as it used to be. If you still feel that it is, this little article should help you feel better. Believe us when we say this, your 50s can actually be the best time of your life. You are financially secure, have the biggest worries taken care of, are wiser for your years, and in a much better position to appreciate the joys of life. If you only begin to view life this way instead of worrying about getting older, the light in your eyes and the glow on your skin will make you more graceful than ever.


Guest post by Aaron Sanders


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Age Gracefully: Look Fabulous At 50 With These All-Round Tips